Sunday, 11 May 2014

My make up bag holiday essentials.

Here are a few of my holiday essentials. Now in my (mum's) make up bag I've put a lot of products, actually more than I would usually wear, in hope that I will start to use them a little bit more. For some reason I'm afraid of using my Chanel foundation because it cost £36 and believe it should only be used for 'special occasions'. Well this seems like one of those special occasions. I've also recently bought a Sleek contour palette in light to give this a go, and yet again, holiday time seems the right time! I'm hoping that I'll have a little bit more time to try out a few new looks and maybe try and be a little more adventurous than just applying BB cream, mascara, rose gold blusher and a lip balm. I love being able to have a mix of high-end and drugstore cosmetics, and especially from different countries too as I adore Korean and Japanese cosmetics and find they are a lot better suited to my oily skin. I haven't listed all the products I'll be taking with me because I simply can't remember everything and it would honestly take me all night. But if there is anything you are specifically interested in, let me know and I'll leave you the details. I'll probably end up doing another beauty post before/or whilst I'm away with my skincare and travel toiletries essentials. 
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  1. What are the MUA lip products like? I keep meaning to try them?

    1. I much prefer the lipstick to the lip lacquers, they are a little too thick for me x