Friday, 9 May 2014

Haworth Old Hall | #LocalPubGrub

One of my all time favourite places to visit in West Yorkshire is Haworth, and I'm really lucky that it's so local to me and I can get there within 15 minutes. Haworth has some of the best 'local' pubs to me, I know it's not ultimately local but I do enjoy getting out and about and making a nice day trip of it all.

Wilson Field have recently published the latest CAMRA research figures stating that 38% of adults don't visit the pub! Now I must admit, I do only occasionally pop into a pub for a pub lunch and a nice drink if I'm out and about, I've honestly never been a seasoned 'local' to a pub. You know the type, the pubs who know everyone's business and all, but I think that is because I live very close to the centre of town where there are numerous bars, pubs and clubs to entertain. 

But lets be honest, pub grub, what isn't to like? I love how homely the cooking is, and wherever you go you can always without fail get a homemade steak and ale pie with peas. Yummy. Pub grub has changed a lot though, I remember when it was strictly home cooked comfort foods, but now pubs all over the place have Michelin star chefs and serve international foods. When I visited Haworth Old Hall recently they've added pulled pork to the menu, and oh my gosh it was absolutely delicious. I've always wanted to try pulled pork (I know, I'm not a real foodie!), and it didn't disappoint at all. Washed down with a cocktail of course. My mum had a tantalising seafood platter with prawns, mackerel, tuna mousse and freshly cooked bread. Their menu had far too many things on to try, which means more trips back for me!
And what could be better than trying to recreate good old fashioned pub grub at home? Well this is where Gordon Ramsay comes in. There are some fantastic recipes in his pub grub book. Some containing home comforts like pasty, bangers and mash, and a good old roast, and some a little more crazy! You'll have to enter my giveaway coming up shortly to see the more exciting ones!
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  1. I love posh pub grub! There's a pub near my grandparents with a pesto, bacon & chicken salad that is almost orgasmic....
    Embarassingly I had never heard if Haworth before (in my defense I always head to North Yorkshire on days out) but I clearly need to branch out in where I visit.

    Sally x

    1. Oh my gosh that salad sounds amazing! I just love all the food! I never really visit North Yorkshire as for some reason I think it's miles away haha. Haworth is near Bradford anyway, there are lots of cobbles and it's a really long, steep street! I'm lucky if I can walk up and down it haha x

  2. I do love actual good pub food. I hate the pubs where it's all frozen stuff or commercial with a passion but this looks amazing. Comfort food at it's finest.
    Little Blonde Life - Lifestyle Blog

  3. Love good pub food, in my line of work, I get to see the good and the bad!, this place is very good.

  4. I've really missed good pub food since moving to the Isle of Lewis! That pulled pork looked yummy. You've made my tummy rumble!

    Faye |