Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fabric forage.

Since re-evaluating my career and educational opportunities and applying for a Fashion BA (and being accepted, YAY) I've been paying more attention to fabrics, such as the colour, the contrast, etc. I quite fancied a hunt for lots of colour and texture so I had a little walk down to Cliffe Castle the other day as I know they had a refurbishment last year and spent a hefty amount of their funds on curtains. Yes, I know curtains may be boring, and this may be a boring post, but I really enjoyed reading the story on how they recreated the original curtains. A Chinese designer in Shanghai re-created the pattern from remainders of the fabric using Photoshop, and then an amazing silk fabric weaver in Hangzhou (China) made the curtains himself. The lengths they have gone to ensuring these curtains are just like the originals is quite breathtaking. And well, I do love a good print! This post isn't strictly about curtains, oh no, there are lots of images of chairs and wallpaper too…
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  1. I actually find fabric quite interesting. And I'm not even a fashion student!

    1. I love everything about fabric, I must have looked very silly wrapping myself in the curtains and rubbing my face on them! Haha x

  2. I love fabric and could look at it for hours! Visiting a place like this would make me swoon! xx