Thursday, 29 May 2014

My First Time… In L'Occitane

Yet again, another store which I have failed to venture into until recently. And when I say recently, this was back in January. (Hence the actual lack of hair). I've never been much of a skincare fan as I have sensitive skin but recently I'm trying to take care of myself a little more and being more appreciative of those higher end and little more expensive products. 
The first time I experienced L'Occitane was when I received a hand cream free with a magazine, I can't remember which one it was now, but I've been using that and quite liking it. 

I popped in and had a chat with one of the lovely employees in the Leeds store who was amazingly helpful and let us know this was the biggest store in the UK. We popped downstairs where the store was double the size where we were greeted by the most adorable lady who asked if we wanted a glass of wine and had time to have a hand massage whilst we were there. I couldn't say no to that!
They have such a large range of products and I was really excited to try a few out. At the moment they are relaunching their baby range so I'd like to see what new products they'll be adding to that range. I did come home with another hand cream though!

I was given a few free extra samples to try too which I thought was lovely, and another really nice touch was they sprayed a piece of wrapping with perfume too. Nice little touches like that I think make a brand feel more personal.
Next up to my list will be their soaps, how divine!
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Sunday, 25 May 2014

London Town | Photo Diary

I was so lucky to be invited to London Fashion Weekend with George at Asda, I even took my mum along for the ride. It's been ages since we've had a trip away together, the last one we took was to Thailand, and it was my first away from Dexter. Lets just say I thought I might have a good night's sleep, I ended up having a worse night's sleep than I would if I was at home! 

We did have an amazing trip though, it was nice to go back to my mum's hometown, she's a cockney did you know? I was really happy to be able to pop into Chinatown whilst I was there, we did go for hotpot, but like we always say 'nothing beats Leeds hotpot!', and that's true, unless it's in China. We popped down Oxford Street too, and I had to visit Topshop obviously, unbeknownst to me that it opens early and has a cafe downstairs. 

Obviously I did the most damage to my bank account whilst in Selfridges. I bought more magazines and books than I could handle! And beauty, oh the beauty. I did buy quite a lot of high-end cosmetics there, and the Illamasqua counter did me out of my hard earned dollar. By the time we ended up walking down to Primark, at around 11am, I couldn't be bothered going in, it was absolutely packed. Looking at the window displays however didn't seem too different to the products they have in Leeds Trinity so I just gave it a miss. I did pop into Evans though just before we got the tube back to King's Cross on a whim, and I managed to pick up the gorgeous yellow print dress from the Cut collection! 

I was also really excited that they had some kind of imagination event on in Selfridges at the time, and they had some fantastic technology on show such as a 3D printer. In one corner there was so much relating to the hubby's work I just had to buy him loads of books on future architecture and robot buildings! 
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Friday, 23 May 2014

Oriflame Event | Leeds

Last Saturday I was invited to hang out with a celebrity at the Oriflame event in Leeds. Okay so I may have over exaggerated that first sentence, but I got to meet Gary Cockerill who is a make up artist to the stars! Gary is famous for creating the looks of Katie Price and Kelly Brook, so I felt really lucky to be given his make up tips. Especially for the 3D lip he gave Yuna and the amazing false eyelashes on Ellie. Apologies now for the image quality, I left my camera at home to try using the iPad for a change, and it didn't work out as good as I'd hoped!
Gary is now an ambassador for one of my favourite beauty companies, Oriflame. You will have probably seen me review a number of their cosmetics in previous posts, I just adore them! The Oriflame event was to show their new range 'The One'. These are regular products from the Oriflame range but really just taken to the top of their range and vastly improved. 
There are three components to the 'The One' range: high impact, every day beauty and long wear. One of the long wear products that I'm really excited to try is the IlluSkin Foundation as they have a great nude pink shade, and after being colour matched previously I know I should look out for pink shades. Unfortunately we didn't get to see a demonstration of the foundation in it's glory. There were a few samples but unfortunately I didn't have time to have a peek at these. 

I was really excited to see the volume blast mascara being used as I'm a fan of their mascara! Being a convert since receiving one in the goody bag from Tea Party Beauty's meet up last year. I was even more excited when I found one in my goody bag! I've since used this every day since last Saturday and it's easily become my favourite mascara. I tend to sway towards mascaras with plastic brushes as they don't clog up and have a simple application. 

The event was held at The Living Room, somewhere I haven't been before, but my gosh did they serve the most amazing middles ever and unlimited drinks including glasses of prosecco. Yum yum. And as I'm always down with nibbles, we even had cupcakes to match. I was a little sneaky at the end and did pop one into my goody bag to take home. Naughty me. I would have loved to have taken home Gary's make up bag too, but hey ho!
And to finalise the event, the fabulous folks at Faith PR gave us a filled goody bag with lots of products from the new range. I received one of their 14 day no-chip long wear nail polishes (which I'm really excited to try as my polish chips within an hour normally!), volume blast mascara (the best mascara ever) a colour impact cream eyeshadow, colour unlimited lipstick, and the eye liner stylo pen. I actually used the eyeliner pen in my recent red carpet look beauty post. 

A massive thank you to the folks at Faith PR for organising the event, Oriflame for being as fabulous as ever and letting me try out their amazing new products, the Living Room for hosting and providing us with great nibbles and keeping us watered, and of course to Gary for his awesome tips. 
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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hologram and daisies.

I've been so slack with my fashion posts lately, and I've been trying to review this gorgeous dress from Wear All for the past month but illnesses and (a cancelled) holiday got in the way of things so this is the first opportunity I've had to pop on the dress and give it a flaunt. It was meant to be one of my evening dresses on holiday but unfortunately that didn't happen so I've still yet to wear it! 

I decided to team the dress with leggings, as I never have my legs on show, and it's a little too warm for tights now. I absolutely adore my hologram cutout boots from Boohoo and I'm starting to wear them a lot more now the sun is out. I'm gutted I spent a fortune on the bag, handmade in Thailand, only to find that Primark had a similar but smaller one for a whole £8, so unfair

The dress is named 'Elsa' and is part of the vast plus size collection that Wear All have to offer. It has all the components that I love: a bodycon dress with a sunflower print, chiffon sleeves and a Peter Pan collar! The dress costs £22.95 which is an absolute bargain. The dress itself is a super stretchy bodycon and is so comfortable to wear, I was a little worried when I chose the dress it would be too small (size 18) but I'm really happy it fits lovely. The dress works well for casual wear, and could be dressed up with a blazer or the office. If you aren't comfortable showing your arms this dress is ideal for the summer with it's chiffon sleeves.

Wear All aren't specifically a plus size online store, but all their clothes cover a multitude of sizes and are bang on trend too. 

Also, sorry I look like the world's unhappiest blogger. The sun was directly in my eyes, and well, I don't do the sun at all

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

My 'red carpet' beauty look.

One thing that I don't normally publish on Satchels + Pearls are face of the day, or beauty posts actually featuring my own make up look. I'm not confident with applying make up like some of the other bloggers I follow, and I don't have the patience nor time to sit down and try to recreate looks. When I found out about the House of Fraser 'red carpet' beauty look competition I decided to give it a go. I could finally use up some of my new eyeshadow palettes that have been lying around for a while. 

I'm a fan of the nude/fresh faced look with a smokey eye and a plain nude lip. After having a browse on the internet, I found a gorgeous nude look that was used at the Chanel S/S 2015 catwalk in Dubai. I knew I would never be able to recreate the eye makeup so opted for a basic smokey eye with a little winged eyeliner. I even contoured, ever so lightly though, so I'm not sure you can see very well. It was a great opportunity to use my Oriflame 'The One' Eye Liner Stylo eyeliner pen which I received in my goody bag from the event in Leeds yesterday. It's absolutely gorgeous and such a darling to use. 
The products I used for this look are in the images below. I ended up using quite a lot of different products so I'm not going to list them all individually. However, if there is something you are interested in, let me know and I will link you up. 
To finish off this look, I think the House of Fraser beauty product I would love to use is the Tom Ford Lip Colour lipstick in shade nude vanille. I think this would compliment the look fantastically, and just add the right amount of sheen to complete the look. This lipstick can be bought from the House of Fraser site for £36.00 here

In-keeping with my usual fashion and wish list posts, I decided it would be a great idea to add the dress I would wear to a red carpet event too. I'm lusting after everything in the Biba collection at the moment, and thought this gorgeous full skirted maxi dress would add the right amount of glamour. Champagne is such a gorgeous colour, and would work so well with my nude/champagne eye makeup too. You can pick up this dress from Biba at House of Fraser for £149.00. Definitely worth it, it's gorgeous!
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Friday, 16 May 2014

Yankee Candle | Black Plum Blossom

Lets be honest shall we, all bloggers love a fragranced candle. I tried so hard to avoid the blogger hype on Yankee Candles, but eventually I succumb to the hype and treat myself to two candles, you can see the review of them here, and how amazing I think they actually are. I was asked if I would like to try one of their new fragrance ranges and when I received a large candle jar of black plum blossom in the post I was pleasantly surprised. If I was out and about having a casual shop and a browse of their collection, I really don't think I would be taken aback by this particular fragrance. I'm not a fan of plums so that would put me off straight away, and so would the colour purple, because it isn't exactly my favourite colour. 

I would be completely wrong to avoid this jar. I think I was under the misconception that it would actually smell like plums, but it's actually a flower, more suited to the Asian regions. Well I was even happier when I found out about that because we all know how much I adore anything related to the Far East. The fragrance is of black plum blossom, with a hint of white musk and vanilla. I must admit this is absolutely gorgeous and I really wanted to eat the candle as soon as I opened the jar! With this being a large jar you can get up to 150 hours of burn time, all for just £19.99. For some reason, yet again, I had this misconception that Yankee Candles only lasted a few hours! Oh and also when the wax has melted, you can also use the jar for storing bits and pieces, like cosmetics brushes and make up. Dual purpose, I like it more. 

Since opening the candle I've had it on for the majority of the afternoon, something like 5 hours, and I'm totally in love. I thought this would be fairly overpowering but it just leaves enough fragrance to make you feel comfortable without being unable to breathe, something which is a disaster in my Asthmatic home! I still have my eye on their Easter collection, white chocolate bunnies and bunny cake. 
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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Pencil

I'm sometimes a little funny about taking high end cosmetics with me on holiday, especially when they are Illamasqua and the eyebrow cake and brush alone cost a fortune, just in case they break or get damaged. So I thought I would look for a simpler all-in-one pencil which can do the same job for a fraction of the price. Whilst browsing my forever favourite Korean beauty website, Cosmetic Love, I came across the Etude House Drawing Eye Brown Pencil. I have had one of these before that I picked up in China last year in a dark ash/grey colour which was perfect for when I had black hair, but as usual I changed my hair colour and it ended up in the bin. 

The eyebrow pencil itself comes in six different shades so that you can be sure you get an accurate match. Most eyebrow pencils in the UK only come in three shades so you really struggle, but I certainly haven't had a problem with this at all. The shape of the pencil itself is quite unique and I've only seen angled brushes, not pencils. This makes application much easier and you can really define your lines. The pencil itself is really strong and quite hard, so you really do need to press on for application. This however, does mean that you don't get a smudged, block-coloured brow and can really define the hair. I also really like the fact one is end is a brush too, meaning you can tame those unruly hairs. This has easily become my make up bag staple eyebrow product, and even if I dye my hair (when it grows back!), I know I can easily get a good replacement colour. The eyebrow pencils cost $4.90 which is around £2.92 so even beats some drugstore prices for eyebrow pencils! And if you like it that much, you can also buy a refill for the pencil itself when it runs out, these only cost 92p. I don't think you can even buy anything in the UK for less than a quid anymore! Perfect.

Cosmetic Love have always been my go-to Korean beauty store, even when they first began on eBay I knew I could trust them to provide me with authentic products and great customer service, and they still continue to deliver. Their shipping policies are fantastic, and even though they say their items will be delivered in 10-25 days I normally get mine in around a week, and that's coming from Korea. Some products in the UK can't even deliver in that time! They always have great offers on too, and their shipping is always free!
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* Product sent for review.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

My make up bag holiday essentials.

Here are a few of my holiday essentials. Now in my (mum's) make up bag I've put a lot of products, actually more than I would usually wear, in hope that I will start to use them a little bit more. For some reason I'm afraid of using my Chanel foundation because it cost £36 and believe it should only be used for 'special occasions'. Well this seems like one of those special occasions. I've also recently bought a Sleek contour palette in light to give this a go, and yet again, holiday time seems the right time! I'm hoping that I'll have a little bit more time to try out a few new looks and maybe try and be a little more adventurous than just applying BB cream, mascara, rose gold blusher and a lip balm. I love being able to have a mix of high-end and drugstore cosmetics, and especially from different countries too as I adore Korean and Japanese cosmetics and find they are a lot better suited to my oily skin. I haven't listed all the products I'll be taking with me because I simply can't remember everything and it would honestly take me all night. But if there is anything you are specifically interested in, let me know and I'll leave you the details. I'll probably end up doing another beauty post before/or whilst I'm away with my skincare and travel toiletries essentials. 
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