Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wantable hits the UK | Beauty, Accessories & Intimates Subscription Box

In my hunt to find the best subscription boxes for my money, I've been asked to try Wantable. I have come across their boxes before, and now we're lucky that they ship to the UK! Most of my favourite subscription boxes usually come from the US and we miss out a lot on them unfortunately.

I like Wantable, a lot, because you can personalise your box. First of all you can pick whether you want the beauty box, the accessories box, or the intimates box. I opted for the beauty box as I love everything make up and skin care related. As I opted to try the beauty box I simply followed the steps to perfect my box, what I would like to receive, what my skin type and colour is, and what look I like to go for. 

The idea behind Wantable is you receive a personalised shopper to pick the items for you based on your preferences, and receive 4-5 full size products too, which is something you rarely see in subscription boxes in the UK nowadays. 

When this bundle arrived in the post I was just a little bit giddy, I love being able to try out new products, and especially those from lands afar. It all adds to the excitement, little things for me!
So what did I receive in my little personalised bundle of joy? 
A Michael Marcus circular lipstick palette, a Mia Bellezza eyebrow pencil and brush, rose pink mineral blusher compact, and a Mistura retractable blusher brush. I was really impressed with the items I received in my box, I thought they were well chosen and suitable for my complexion too. I can safely say that each of these items I will definitely use in my current make up collection, something that normally doesn't happen when I receive items from a subscription box. They normally end up in my samples drawer, and well, get forgotten about easily.
I haven't managed to use any of the products properly yet, but have swatted and sampled them and they are of extremely high quality. The blusher and lipsticks are both very pigmented, and the brush feels to be of high quality too.

I've misplaced my leaflet which came with the package showing me what I'd received and the cost of the products within. I do remember one of the items cost $36 alone which is the cost of the box when taken out with a subscription. I also like the fact that you can purchase a one off box, say for a gift, or when you fancy trying something new for a change. The subscription box varies from around £21 when bought in a subscription, or £24 for a one off box. These prices are somewhat high compared to other subscription boxes on the market however, you receive full size products and receive a personalised service so I don't mind paying more for something with such high quality.

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* Product sent for review.

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