Saturday, 19 April 2014

Trying to be healthy.

As the weather is a lot nicer I've been trying to get out and get a little more exercise. I'm not a gym bunny although I used to enjoy going to the gym, but being the size I am now, and not being toned after having a baby I would rather avoid bumping into people I know. I've been doing a lot more walking, and not just around the shops. I'm lucky to live in Yorkshire, and on the cusp of the Yorkshire Dales too, so there are some fantastic places to walk. And what better, I live on a rather long and steep hill which takes me up to the moors. 

My walks have been a good fair few miles, and for a good fair few hours. I'm lucky that I have the motivation of taking Dexter out for fresh air too because if I'm honest, at the moment I don't really enjoy going out that much, and my health hasn't been up to scratch. I'm still suffering with high blood pressure from my pre-eclampsia so I have to take it easy. My Bugaboo pram is the perfect asset for my trips as, wait for it, it has an off-road mode. Yep, it has extra large wheels for better stability and manoeuvrability, and is designed specifically for hill walkers, being pushed on the beach, and in the snow too.
I was contacted a little while back by the fantastic guys at The Hut to see if I would like to review some of their health and weight loss products from their sites MyProtein and MyVitamins. I've tried out some of their vitamin products before when I was pregnant, and they worked really well for me, so I was excited at being able to review more for them. 

From MyProtein I opted to try the MP MAX Elle Aqua Slim drinks. These are fantastic to take on a walk as I get pretty thirsty quickly and find water doesn't quite quench my thirst. These drinks come in orange and passionfruit (my fave!) flavour and are designed to help you burn fat more effectively, along with maintaining your hydration, they also contain green tea which is really helpful if you want to detox at the same time too. I've noticed that not only have they been great at making me feel good during my exercise, but they have a natural pick me up too and have made me feel more awake and a lot healthier too. The Aqua Slim drinks are low calorie too, and contain around 25 for the whole bottle. You can buy 12 of these drinks in 500ml size for £7.29 which I think is a great price, and I will certainly be stocking up on more of these for the summer. 
Over at MyVitamins I opted for the complete weight loss bundle of vitamins. The idea behind this bundle is that it contains four packs of essential vitamins to help you with your weight loss. These are the total carb blockers, true woman thermo, total Acai berry, and total CLA. I've read lots of fantastic reviews about Acai berries but have always been quite weary of buying them from certain sites in the past. By buying these vitamins in the bundle you can save 20%, and the cost is only £15.99 for a 30 day supply. 

The total carb blockers are designed to prevent the body from properly digesting carbs so you absorb less calories from starchy foods like pasta and bread. Total CLA is a fatty acid which helps encourage the body to transform stored fats to usable energy. True Woman Thermo contain ten nutrients and caffeine with green tea helping to detox. Total Acai Berry are super foods and help to remove free radicals which can attack the healthy cells in your body.
I haven't been weighing myself at all, but going based on how I feel and how my clothes fit, and I've noticed a change over the past few weeks, it hasn't been an amazing weight drop of stones or whatever, but I feel healthier in myself and that's what it's all about. 

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* Products sent for review.

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