Friday, 25 April 2014

Drip drip drop little #AprilShowers

Before I begin this post, my rant about the rain, I would like everyone to be proud that I made a Disney reference. I'm now a true blogger.

I dislike the rain, immensely. Being from England is an absolute nightmare as it never seems to stop raining here. I know I should man up as I've had to put up with it for 28 years, but I never will. I've never known why they say 'April Showers' either, but it is true, the rain is absolutely horrendous in April, and if I can avoid going out in it, boy I sure will. To me it's honestly like being out in acid rain. I wince at the thought of stepping foot out in it. Although I love listening to the sound of rain.
I'm quite a hermit and I would much prefer staying in rather than having a night out anyway, snuggled up with a DVD or a board and lots of popcorn. Being a mother now too, I feel slightly guilty when I have a night out. Plus I'm far too old to be hanging around outside clubs waiting for people to finish their cigarettes so we can go back inside (which happen to be all my friends). And I'm talking to you husband. But with Intellicig's electronic cigarettes all that could be avoided anyway, I don't even need to hang outside anymore for the whole night freezing my bits off and catching a cold, finally my friends can come inside and join me. FINALLY. I fell like I've won on that front. I'm sure all of my friends would be much happier not having to listen to me moan too. However, saying that, I would still much rather stay in my warm, comfortable home. 

So why not join in Intellicig's #AprilShowers campaign and stay in from the horrid (or as I would like to say 'acid') rain? I know I'll be sitting in tonight, and enjoying my popcorn, a game of Catchphrase (oh yes!), and Old Boy on DVD.
 Say a big hello to my massimo April advertiser, Wardrobe Conversations! 

* PR collaboration. 


  1. I think Old Boy scarred me for life! xD

    1. The original is one of my fave films! I still haven't properly got around to watching the remake haha x