Sunday, 27 April 2014

Chocolate Orange Scones

I like to bake, but sometimes I'm not that good at baking. I find it hard to follow recipes and end up throwing what I like in the recipe, and sometimes it doesn't end up quite like it should do. I made some fruit scones the other weekend and they actually turned out really well however, I had only used packet mix. So thought I would have another bash at making another batch, but needed to find a good scone recipe that I would be able to stick to. So I headed off to search the internet for a good baking website when I came across the Baking Mad website.

The Baking Mad website is simple to navigate so you can pick plenty of options for recipes. I choose the scones tab and let it whisk me away with many recipes. I choose the fruit scone recipe as I thought this would be easiest to change the ingredients and substitute with chocolate drops and orange chocolate buttons. The ingredients needed are simple to see, and you can even add these to a shopping list too. There is even a conversion tool if you prefer to work in metric or imperial which I really liked too, being old school and knowing the imperial measurements for a Victoria Sponge off by heart. There are lots of recipes to choose from, and you can even pick by skill level so at least I know I won't find any particularly hard bakes in future haha. I have lots of baking goodies left so I think I might make a gorgeous chocolate cake soon.

My only changes to the scone recipe was to add a little freshly squeezed orange juice, orange peel, dark chocolate drops and orange flavoured chocolate buttons. 

I was really surprised how well my scones actually turned out. I did end up making them a little thinner and smaller so had to adjust the baking times, and when I saw the melted chocolate start to burn I did panic a little, but all worked out well and they tasted delicious! Personally I think these are served straight from the oven when the chocolate is all gooey inside, so yummy!
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  1. This look yummy, I decided today I would have a go at baking might have to make scones now :)

    1. Oooh yeah go for the scones! They are the simplest bake ever x

  2. Wow these look gorgeous! :)

    1. They are absolutely delicious! And so morish too hehe x