Friday, 4 April 2014

Bonjour French Food | Food Subscription Box

I have a love for good food, I have a love for subscription boxes too, and yet again I've managed to find myself another interesting foodie subscription box. This time in the form of Bonjour French Food

Now I love my cheese and pâté, along with crusty breads and pastries, so when this box of goodies arrived at my door I was eager to give them a try all at once! The jars were perfectly packed in blue tissue paper.
I also noticed that everything was chilled too, meaning that the pâté was well preserved and not damaged at all in the post. So I've already given you a sneak peek into what I've got, but here are the particulars. I received three different types of pâté, now I'm so thankful you get an amazing little brochure/magazine with the box of goodies as my French really isn't up to any kind of standard at all and I would have struggled a lot! 

First up of the three jars is sardine rillettes which is a type of sardine mousse, gorgeous spread on a nice warm loaf. Second is pork rillettes with goats cheese, yet again a mousse type pâté, I'm not really up on my foodie terminology so I'm sorry if everything is incorrect but I'm telling it how it is for me, yet again this is delicious on a plain, warm loaf of white bread. We did have these served as part of a little afternoon tea party the other weekend, all the yums for me. Lastly on the pâté front is lamb pâté, this is simply sublime with a sea salty flavour. The lamb is bred in a totally unique environment, an oceanic climate whereby the lamb tastes of aromatic herbs with a salty sea flavour to entice the palate. 

I also received a jar of caramel spread with sea salt flakes. Oh my goodness this is so delicious! I have a true love for salted caramel, yum. In the brochure there was a recipe to make saluted caramel cake which I think I will have to give a try.

Now my favourite goodies had to be the sweet pastries! Salted butter and caramel shortbread cookies, which were eaten in one swift sitting, and a yummy melted butter cake which was extremely rich and made a delightful accompaniment to my breakfast hot chocolate. 

I mentioned earlier the little magazine which is included in the box too, as well as detailing the contents of you box, in both English and French, it also gives you information on foodie trips, festivals and bands to look out for. I thought this was such a nice touch as I wouldn't have thought about including these extra added bits. 
The Bonjour French Food box starts at £29 per month when bought with a 3 month subscription, or £31 per month if ordered individually. If you order before April 10th you can grab 20% off with code FRENCHGIFT
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  1. The salted caramel sounds right up my street, yum!

  2. This looks delicious! Very tempted to subscribe to this! :)