Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Saints & Slimmers | Diet Plans

One of my new year's resolutions this year was to loose weight, which I tell myself to do every year and quit within a few days as I'm normally not actually that bothered and pretty happy overall with my shape, apart from a few fat days. Apart from trying Slimming World when I was 19, and giving Weight Watchers a go again recently, I feel pretty bored and want to start afresh with a completely new diet plan. 
Saints & Slimmers offer various diet plans and meal options. In fact, a lot more than the other competitors on the market at the moment. The diet plans they offer are:

The Complete Plan which comes with all the food you need such as shakes, bars, soups, porridge, and even chocolate muffins. Yes, this is a calorie controlled diet where you can eat a chocolate muffin. I'm sold right there. As well as being able to eat a muffin, they have ready made calorie controlled meals too such as chicken korma and rice, sweet and sour chicken with rice, and chilli con carne with rice. With this diet, they have taken into consideration snacks and left an allowance for fruit between meals too so you don't feel you're cutting everything out. This diet plan costs from £34.99 per week. 

The VLCD (very low calorie diet) is a diet where you eat under 600 calories per day. There are similar competitors on the market at the moment, I'm sure you've seen them on TV, who cost and arm and leg for their shakes and snack bars. The idea of this plan is to eat 600 calories per day being three products from porridge, bars, milkshakes, soups and meals. This is the plan which I'll be trying. 
You can get a whole month of this diet plan for £79.99 with free postage, which is over half the price of other diet providers. 

They even take into account the 5:2 diet plan where you eat normally for 5 days then reduce your calorie intake to 600 calories for two days. You can have the same products from the menu of the VLCD. For a 28 day supply of this, is costs just £26.99. 

There is also a breakfast and lunch option should you just wish to substitute two meals per day and have a low calorie meal in the evening (much like another well known milkshake replacement plan!), which costs £59.99 per month. 

So I've decided to opt for the VLCD. I'm trying out a few of their products being the caramello shake, the Thai chilli soup, and Mexican taco meal pack. Yummy! I'm really looking forward to trying these products out. I'll let you all know how I get on after I've had my first day!

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* Products sent for review. 

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