Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rainbow Nails | Week 1 - Red

For some reason my week one rainbow nails post didn't upload last week, so I'm a bit behind, and I haven't even done my yellow nails yet - eep! 

Kel at Adventures in Tea and Cake thought of this fabulous blog series, rainbow nails, where weekly we follow the colours of the rainbow and try and get a little creative, or super creative, with nail art. I'm pretty rubbish at remembering to paint my nails, let alone trying to be artistic. 

Here is my first attempt, last week was red. And I suppose I was a little bit artistic. Although I did only paint one hand, for the blog, as I would have never been able to manage the same on the other hand, or keep it on for more than one day!

I opted for a red base, with a nice chunky black stripe. For a first timer like myself, this literally took 5 seconds to do, and turned out really well! I just applied the stripe using the end of the brush in tiny strokes, no tape or anything!
Ta daaaaaaaa. Okay so they aren't really that good, but for me, they are pretty bloomin' amazing! I used Essie Twin Sweater Set for the base red coat, and then Nails Inc Black Taxi for the stripe. 

Hopefully I should have my yellow post up within a few days! 


  1. I LOVE nail varnish... my collection's getting a bit insane now though... I have to force myself not to spend all my spare time doing pretty things to my nails and get study stuff done instead! x

  2. I don't have that much nail varnish now! Eeep, I may have to build up my collection! x