Saturday, 8 March 2014

My first time… At Bobbi Brown | The Blogger's Event

So I've been doing a lot of 'first time' posts lately because I've been having more first time experiences with beauty products. A lot of products I've never tested or even seen before, so it was a really nice treat to be invited to a blogger's event at Bobbi Brown in Leeds. I've heard of Bobbi Brown before but never experienced their beauty products or even headed to their counter before, but after seeing the amazing MUA Rina at the House of Fashion event, with extremely bad lighting may I add, I had to pop over and see what she had in store for us.

Rina had already prepped her model with some of Bobbi Brown's finest products, including their corrector and concealer due (which later I was colour matched, and a bought). She showed us how to use their gel eyeliner, and I picked up on some good tips about applying blusher too, I didn't know the best places to apply it. Now I feel a bit more confident about giving contouring a go, only just slightly though.
It was nice that Rina laid out the products too s we could have a play with them and see exactly what she used to recreate the vintage 60's monochrome PPQ look from London Fashion Week. 
I think I'll be asking for more of Bobbi Brown's products for my birthday and Christmas. They have some amazing quality products that are very pigmented and will last a long time. 
As I mentioned a little earlier, Rina colour matched me for the corrector and concealer duo, something which I've been lusting after for quite a while. She asked if I often used an eye serum or cream, something I've never used at all. I was really amazed how much a dry under eye can make, as soon as she applied the hydrating eye cream (which is also a primer and highlighter) my eyes looked much brighter. Topped with the corrector and concealer, and following with powder I looked much more youthful and there was a very noticeable difference in my dark circles. 
A big thank you to Bobbi Brown for having us down for the evening, and a big thank you to Rina for introducing me to the life of eye creams and serums!

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