Thursday, 27 March 2014

MUMspiration | Clothing at Tesco

Growing up I always remember spending time drawing with my mum, it wasn't until I really sat down and thought about what we drew that I realised where I drew my fashion inspiration from. My mum has always been better at drawing than me, so she used to draw me models and photocopy them so I could draw my fashion designs on them. We used to spend hours playing on Fashion Wheel and colouring in pretty dresses. 

My mum's fashion sense has definitely rubbed off on me. She used to design and sew her own clothes, and made herself some amazing outfits. She has always encouraged me to be my own person and never shy away from wearing things I want to wear, no matter what size I am. 

When I was 13 I used went through a goth phase, and really wanted a red top with a lace star and matching sleeves, and guess what? Yep, my mum made me one. Everyone loved it and wanted one! Unfortunately that creative talent hasn't rubbed off on me!

Still to this day my mum knows how to rock her look, she uses white toner her hair so that she has gunmetal silver and white hair, and we both shop in the same shops. We even end up owning the same clothes most of the time! We both amazing fashion sense. She encourage me to shave my hair off, and even helped me in the process! Over many years she has been the one dying my hair outrageous colours, cutting it into various funky styles, and helping me achieve my own personal sense of style. 
So this outfit is for my mum, to show her that I still know how to rock bright colours and prints, just like she does. I'm addicted to wearing textures this season, matched up with a good bold print and bold colour blocking accessories. I've been after the perfect pair of loafers for a while now, and these are super, with their tassel and studded detailing. This dress is the perfect bright shade of blue, and I couldn't believe my luck that it matched my Aztec print jacket down to a T. 
Aztec Printed Jacket with Quilted Trim | Primark (old)

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* A big thank you to F&F from Clothing at Tesco who provided me with the dress and accessories, and for allowing me to show my MUMspiration this mother's day. 


  1. Awww, your mum is ace! I love your outfit too, and the new hairdo! ;) xx

  2. Gorgeous outfit Michelle, and it's so nice that you share your fashion sense with your mum! xx

  3. Your Mum sounds great!! What a wonderful person to learn from :)

    1. She is! In fact she's inspired me so much that I've applied for full time fashion degree courses x

  4. AWW this is such a lovely little dedication to your mum, she sounds like a very inspiring woman! And you are fucking killing it in that electric blue sweetie! Looking beautiful, as per :)

    Claire xo