Thursday, 6 March 2014

Exante Diet | What does it involve?

As you may have seen recently I'm trying out a few diet products to see which I like the most, next up is Exante Diet. The Exante Diet, like most other very low calorie diets burns your fats in ketosis for fast results. There is no calorie counting, and you have three of their meal replacement products per day.

You can opt to have the very low calorie diets in two options, the VLCD solution being three of their meal replacements per day totalling 600 calories. Or you can add a piece of fruit or vegetables totalling 100 calories from their restricted list, and three of their meal replacement products per day giving a total of 700 calories per day. For both of these options when you reach your desired weight you need to stabilise and introduce calories back into your diet. They do also have various other diet plans which you can easily suit to your tailored weight loss and lifestyle. 

I've been lucky enough to receive a week's trial of the VLCD diet plan. The products I've received include porridge, shakes, soups and meal packs. 
I'll be starting the diet today, so wish me luck! I'm really looking forward to trying out their products. 

You'll hear back from me in a week or so with my total weight loss.

Say a big hello to my massimo March advertiser, 

* Products sent for review.


  1. Oh god, that is very low calorie :/ good luck but it sounds a bit extreme for my liking! xx

    1. I'm not too sure I could stick to a 600 calorie diet to be honest. I'm going to try it maybe having two packs a day and a meal and see how I go over two weeks. I've been pretty ill this week so will try again next week x