Friday, 28 March 2014

Sudocrem Care & Protect | Review

This one is not just for all the yummy mummies out there, we all know Sudocrem is great for nappy rashes, but can also be really healing and healthy for your skin too. I often use Sudocrem within my skincare regime when I have a break out to sooth and protect my skin. So ladies and gentlemen, keep reading…

I have used nappy creams before on Dexter when he's had bad nappy rash before, but I didn't find any that really worked. So I ended up taking a trip to the Doctors and receiving some highly medicate cream which did the trick for Dex, but also ended up melting the plastic and taking the top cover layer off the changing mat. Yeah, safe to say I didn't want to use this again. Oh and it smelt really bad. I have been using Burt's Bees Baby Bee range since Dex was born, and their nappy ointment is super effective but is really thick and leaves a very thick barrier which sticks to everything and covers his clothes and mine. Plus it's really hard to get off your hands it's that thick, but, it does the job and smells amazing. 

I was asked to review one of Sudocrem's new products for nappy rash, their Care & Protect cream which has specially been formulated for nappy rash. It's amazing, simple to use, does the job, and smells delicious! One of the features I'm especially happy with is the easy open single handed lid, I mean it's such a simple thing but makes the world of difference when changing a nappy! As I said above, I stopped using the prescribed cream as it was so potent and have been looking for a nice simple, calming and more natural alternative when this came along. It's not as thick as some barrier creams and ointments but leaves a good barrier behind. It doesn't stain clothing, nor stick to my hands so much that I can't wipe it off with a baby wipe. The product provides triple care, leaving a protective barrier, helping to sooth and resolve nappy rash as well as being gentle and antibacterial to help prevent infection on baby's delicate skin. 

I couldn't recommend this product more highly, it's fast and effective for doing the job, whilst being kind to skin too. I've also been using this on my hands as they are extremely sensitive and it's doing a great job of repairing them! I've since been and bought a bigger tube so we can keep on using this product. The 50g tube is currently on offer at Boots for £3.99.
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* Product sent for review. 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Rainbow Nails | Week 3 - Pink

So here we are again with my second nails post of the week, week three is pink. I decided to try and have an accent nail but unfortunately the light pink was a lot lighter than expected and it doesn't really look any different than my natural colour. I think this might have been the reason I originally bought this shade anyway. 

The bright pink is from Wet n' Wild and came all the way from USA!
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MUMspiration | Clothing at Tesco

Growing up I always remember spending time drawing with my mum, it wasn't until I really sat down and thought about what we drew that I realised where I drew my fashion inspiration from. My mum has always been better at drawing than me, so she used to draw me models and photocopy them so I could draw my fashion designs on them. We used to spend hours playing on Fashion Wheel and colouring in pretty dresses. 

My mum's fashion sense has definitely rubbed off on me. She used to design and sew her own clothes, and made herself some amazing outfits. She has always encouraged me to be my own person and never shy away from wearing things I want to wear, no matter what size I am. 

When I was 13 I used went through a goth phase, and really wanted a red top with a lace star and matching sleeves, and guess what? Yep, my mum made me one. Everyone loved it and wanted one! Unfortunately that creative talent hasn't rubbed off on me!

Still to this day my mum knows how to rock her look, she uses white toner her hair so that she has gunmetal silver and white hair, and we both shop in the same shops. We even end up owning the same clothes most of the time! We both amazing fashion sense. She encourage me to shave my hair off, and even helped me in the process! Over many years she has been the one dying my hair outrageous colours, cutting it into various funky styles, and helping me achieve my own personal sense of style. 
So this outfit is for my mum, to show her that I still know how to rock bright colours and prints, just like she does. I'm addicted to wearing textures this season, matched up with a good bold print and bold colour blocking accessories. I've been after the perfect pair of loafers for a while now, and these are super, with their tassel and studded detailing. This dress is the perfect bright shade of blue, and I couldn't believe my luck that it matched my Aztec print jacket down to a T. 
Aztec Printed Jacket with Quilted Trim | Primark (old)

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* A big thank you to F&F from Clothing at Tesco who provided me with the dress and accessories, and for allowing me to show my MUMspiration this mother's day. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

New Look Inspire | Monochrome

One of my favourite looks for this spring is monochrome. I have plenty of gorgeous black and white additions to my wardrobe, and will definitely continue adding these staple pieces to my wardrobe! When the lovely folks over at New Look Inspire asked if I wanted to try one of their spring pieces, I jumped at the chance. I've had my eye on this gorgeous monochrome double pocket tunic dress for quite some time now. A big thank you to the folks over at New Look for sending me this dress to review, and show how I will be wearing monochrome this season. 

I presumed that with this dress being a 'tunic' it would be much shorter than it is, but I was absolutely delighted than I can wear it as a dress! I decided to take inspiration from London Fashion Week and go for a 60's look, complete with nude lip and feline bold, black eye liner. My black faux leather jacket was bought last year in autumn, but I think this is a great way to transition this piece back into my wardrobe for the spring season. It's such a gorgeous jacket, and the faux fur collar is also detachable so it doesn't look too autumnal/wintery. This was a great opportunity for me to wear my new wig! I've also teamed this outfit with a simple pair of black and white pumps just to continue the theme. 

The houndstooth print is a classic, and will continue to work as a staple in my wardrobe. This dress could be easily dressed up with a bright neon oversized blazer and matching pumps, or with this season's pastel trend too. 

I bought the dress in a size up (size 20) from what I usually wear as I'm a pear shape and have quite large hips, I wanted the dress to hang really well without being too clingy! It doesn't look too big up top either. Because of the stretch in this garment would also work really well as a bodycon dress too. 
Black and white pointed ballet pumps | G21 at George (old)*

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Monday, 24 March 2014

Rainbow Nails | Week 2 - Yellow

I'm a week behind yet again so there will be two nail posts uploaded this week, woohoo. Yet again I've only done one hand 'for the blog', and if I'm being honest, I probably will only continue doing one hand haha. 

Week two is yellow, but unfortunately I don't have any yellow nail varnish so I went with gold, and tipped off with gold glitter trying to create an ombre effect. You can't really see much from the photo because the gold glitter is quite fine. 

I received the Essence nail varnish in a beauty swap from the Netherlands a few years back, and it's from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn collection. I was over the moon to receive the whole collection in my beauty swap, Essence have a fantastic collection. 
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Empty Pocket Traders | Gourmet Fairtrade Coffee

I, like a million other bloggers, love coffee. Mainly coffee in a white cup with green logo from a well known coffee franchise. It costs a fortune every time I go in there though, I always want extra syrups and it quite often ends up around £4 for a coffee. Every day this adds up and gets pretty ridiculous! 

You all know I'm a fan of subscription boxes too, so what better than to combine my love for fresh coffee and subscription boxes together? Say hello to Empty Pocket Traders

I was lucky to receive one of their amazing boxes in the post last week, and have since been drinking it consistently, as a not-so-new mum now I'm still not getting sleep, and this is perfect for a pick me up. When it arrived in the post, I thought it would be a good idea to have a coffee morning with my mum!
Up & At 'Em contains an Arabica bean from Costa Rica, this particular blend has flavours of sweet berry fruits and rich dark chocolate, with notes of roasted peanuts afterwards. This is absolutely gorgeous, and very addictive. We served it with brown sugar and a splash of milk, but I think it would be a lot tastier served as black for the aroma. 

Joining their subscription service couldn't be easier, all you need to do is work out how much coffee you would like for the month and chose one of the three options: small, medium or large. The smallest subscription costs just £6.45 per month. You'll receive your freshly ground coffee in a resealable pouch,  along with an informative leaflet to help you along your way, with brewing tips and and news about the folk who grow the coffee. 

If you replace your coffee shop barista coffee for one of these fairtrade cups, you'll only be spending 20p per cup, and helping support the COOPETARRAZU Cooperative too. You'll be saving yourself a whopper over the month! 

And what could be better than that? Well the fabulous folks over at Empty Pocket Traders are offering my readers a 10% discount if you use the code JustBecause, just because they are very generous! 

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* Product sent for review. 

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

Now as you probably know, I love anything from the Far East especially Asian cosmetics, so when L'Oreal released Miss Manga mascara I had to buy it on the name alone. I was all really excited to give it a try and see how well it worked as it looks amazing, but there have been a few hit and miss reviews about this product. And well, this is my miss review about the product.
I wasn't very impressed at all. Yeah the mascara is nice and all, and the brush is great for application, but I ended up with half of it down my face as I think the consistency is a little too liquid and thin for the mascara itself compared to others I've tried. However, it did make my lower lashes a lot longer, but maybe that's because I don't normally wear that much mascara on my lower lashes. 

The angled application on the wand is a nice idea but I'm not altogether sure when I'm supposed to make it bend as too much application of the wand itself makes the mascara smudge on my face. 

I'm a little hit and miss about this product, the packaging is fab and it looks great with my other cosmetics, but that's pretty much all I think is fantastic about it. All in all, it's a nice mascara, but doesn't really do the job I thought it would do. I don't look like I've just jumped out of K'On! or an episode of Haruhi Suzumiya either. Shame really. 

Nice try L'Oreal, although next time leave the Far Eastern cosmetics to the Koreans. 

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Flavourly Foodie Subscription Box

I love food, everyone knows I love food, and probably everyone who reads my blog, yep you got it, probably loves food. So what better than to add a foodie subscription box to my list? I'm fed up of receiving sub-standard beauty boxes in the post, and would rather spend my cash on something amazing and full of flavour!

Flavourly send you new and exciting fine foods, snacks, and delicious craft beer to your door monthly. They offer flexible membership and packages start at £15 per month. This is the first time I've used a food subscription service and I certainly wasn't disappointed! I got some fantastic items in my box. 
When I first opened the package, before I got to see what was inside, there were some fantastic recipe cards and information leaflets on the contents of the box. I didn't realise that the recipe for the Malay Laksa was related to the contents of the box, and yes, you get the ingredients inside! I also received ingredients to make a red thai curry, the recipe written on the back of the packaging too. 
I'm really happy with the contents of my box this month, the only thing I don't like are olives but I'm sure I can find someone else in my household who does! I have already eaten the crispy bacon and maple syrup popcorn, and yes, I was as happy as a pig in syrup. They were amazing. I'm really excited to try making both the Laksa and Thai curry! And the raspberry flavoured chocolate drops, mmmmmm!

Think you might want to try one of these luxurious boxes? Well if you click here, you can buy one with £5 off! I can't wait for next month's! 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The B1o Bar

We’ve all seen them, and yearned after them, and wished we were them (that just me?!), those celebrities with the most perfect hairstyles. Those healthy, nourished, well-tressed locks. It makes me jealous just thinking about them.  Well now there’s no need to be jealous anymore, ladies, say a big hello to Chiswick’s latest addition…
 The B1o Bar provides a luxury experience, guaranteed to invigorate you and turn you into a goddess. They have a large range of treatments, from beauty treatments to hair treatments, and of course, their famous blow dry. Now is the perfect time to have your celebrity treatment blow dry, the weather is perfect, not too dry and not too wet, giving your locks the best of the style. Now don’t be thinking of a regular blow dry, oh no, you’ll leave the B1o Bar with bouncy, fresh, nourished locks, leaving you feeling a million dollars, with the confidence to match.

All blow outs are £25.00, which is an absolute bargain. Don’t have much time on your hands? Well that’s fine because the signature New York style blow out only takes 30 minutes from stepping in the salon! They even offer hair restyles if you fancy having a change. And what about beauty treatments? Fancy having a manicure and pedicure whilst you’re there? And how about eyebrow treatments? They offer Shellac nails, organic spray tans, Lycon eyebrow waxing (which is almost pain free). The B1o Bar cover it all under the same roof!

And what is more perfect than pampering time for a mum? They have a crèche on site too! So you don’t need to worry about the babysitter cancelling. The team who work in the crèche are qualified child carers who are CRB checked and hold paediatric first aid certificates so you know your little ones are in safe hands at all times. Want to keep an eye on them too? Well they have Samsung tablets available at every chair for you to keep an eye on them too. And not just strictly for that purposes either, why not have an online shop or surf the net? Is there anything these guys haven’t thought of?!
 You can chill out with one of their complimentary cupcakes with a nice cuppa, or fancy something a little bit healthier? They also have non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies. Feeling a bit peckish? The amazing staff at B1o Bar will even pop out for a bite to eat for you!

Why not take this opportunity to book you mum in for a mother’s day treat? She will definitely be in the lap of luxury, and extremely well taken care of at the B1o Bar!

For bookings, please call 0208 995 455 or visit their site here
They are located at 81 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 2EF.

* This is a sponsored post.

Mobile Madhouse

The awesome guys and gals over at Mobile Madhouse sent me this gorgeous pink and clear iPhone 5 case, which arrived in the post the other day. I really like the design on this phone case, it's much different to ones I would normally pick. I fancied something a little more low key so I could actually see the phone itself. I presumed because the case was a hard hybrid case that it would be one of those solid ones, but actually I like it more because it still has a little flexibility to it. As soon as I put the cover on my phone I went and dropped it, silly me, but all was well and it was still intact. Just what I like to see.

I absolutely love the colour of this case, bright pink is just up my street, but I had a hard time deciding which colour I wanted to get. The light blue one is absolutely gorgeous! And they have some amazing crystal phone covers too. 
Mobile Madhouse offer a fantastic service for their phone covers, and offer free UK delivery too which is always a big bonus. I normally buy my phone cases from eBay for a similar price but often they can take weeks to arrive from China. They also have a fantastic wide range of covers to fit all makes of mobile phone and tablets too, as well as other phone accessories at great low prices.

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rainbow Nails | Week 1 - Red

For some reason my week one rainbow nails post didn't upload last week, so I'm a bit behind, and I haven't even done my yellow nails yet - eep! 

Kel at Adventures in Tea and Cake thought of this fabulous blog series, rainbow nails, where weekly we follow the colours of the rainbow and try and get a little creative, or super creative, with nail art. I'm pretty rubbish at remembering to paint my nails, let alone trying to be artistic. 

Here is my first attempt, last week was red. And I suppose I was a little bit artistic. Although I did only paint one hand, for the blog, as I would have never been able to manage the same on the other hand, or keep it on for more than one day!

I opted for a red base, with a nice chunky black stripe. For a first timer like myself, this literally took 5 seconds to do, and turned out really well! I just applied the stripe using the end of the brush in tiny strokes, no tape or anything!
Ta daaaaaaaa. Okay so they aren't really that good, but for me, they are pretty bloomin' amazing! I used Essie Twin Sweater Set for the base red coat, and then Nails Inc Black Taxi for the stripe. 

Hopefully I should have my yellow post up within a few days! 

Monday, 17 March 2014

What I Wore | Clashing Prints

I'm all for clashing prints and textures this spring/summer. I bought a few jackets from the Primark sale for £3 each so I've decided now is the time to wear them. This was my outfit for college today, along with my beauty picks for my face today. My new gorgeous glasses are the 'Shuffle' frames from SpecsPost
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Wardrobe Conversations | March Advertiser

This month the amazing ladies of Wardrobe Conversations, Helen and Kimberley, are my massimo advertisers. 

Here is what they have to say:
'We are Helen and Kimberley. We are pale, bespectacled best friends from North East Scotland who enjoy fashion, art, tea, cake and vintage fairs. We met at high school, where we spent our days collecting fashion magazines, doing awful clothing DIYs and dreaming of becoming the next Trinny and Susannah.
Now, Helen is a Clothing Design graduate and Kimberley has a degree in English Language. We live 80 miles apart. Our blog is a celebration of our friendship, our styles and our times together. It includes our outfits, adventures, style challenges, nail art and more!'

Their blog has easily become one of my favourite blogs. They have the most perfect fashion sense, and at the moment I'm trawling eBay looking for this gorgeous dress featured in Kimberley's birthday outing post, because I can't find it in store any more!And the Nine West shoes, well sign me right up!

Since following their blog, I have definitely felt more inspired to wear more printed Primark dresses, pastel shades, and clash more prints! You have to check out their blog, these ladies are simply amazing.

The well needed wardrobe clear out.

Some of you may have seen over on Instagram that I had a clear out of my wardrobe tonight, and a massive one at that. I've been buying lots and lots of new clothes recently and because of that, well, my wardrobe hasn't looked a pretty sight. If I could actually fit things in it. I've had bits and pieces hanging up on hooks outside my wardrobe for weeks now, let alone been thrown on top of the wardrobe. And if I'm being honest, my wardrobe isn't small. 

So I decided to have a good going through of all my bits and bobs, and have put around 25 items on eBay, which I think is good going if I say so myself. I even spent the time putting everything back in my wardrobe in lovely order. I might swap it to colour coordinated items as I think that will look a lot prettier. Anyway, to say I have perforated my already perforated eardrum (some kind of ear inception?) I think I'm doing pretty well. However, I am now deaf in my left ear, something which I may have to live with. Lots of fun there. I am playing at selectively hearing things now, which is loads of fun.
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