Saturday, 8 February 2014

SpecsPost Home Trial

SpecsPost are an online retailer of some of the most amazing pairs of glasses online. I have always struggled finding frames that I like, or that suit me, and I hate spending time in stores checking out glasses with store assistants pestering me every five minutes advising what would suit me without it being to my taste. 

They offer an online service of a home trial, where you can pick several pairs of glasses, have them sent to you in the post, decide which are your favourites and then send them back for your prescription lenses to be placed in. It couldn't be easier right? 

SpecsPost kindly sent me three pairs of glasses to review their service. Here are the ones I've picked:

When I first received these glasses for review I still had pastel lavender hair and really rocked the LOL frames looked amazing, but now I've shaved my hair I think I need something a little toned down to match more of my outfits. This is where the Fearne glasses come in, I think they frame my face fantastically and will compliment any outfit. 

SpecsPost is very simple and friendly to use. If you ever need advice you can always have a friendly chat with their optometrists, especially when it comes to prescriptions! You are entitled to know your prescription from your eye test, but some opticians refuse to give out the pupillary distance measurements (a problem I've had before) but SpecsPost have a nifty guide on how to take the measurements.

Glasses, including lenses, start from just £10! They offer frames for men and women too so at this price everyone can afford to keep up to the latest styles!

*Products sent for review. 


  1. Stunning pictures, I can't get over your beautiful shaved head :D


  2. The first pair are especially lovely - they really suit you! Kinda wish I wore glasses now! :)

    1. They are so gorgeous! I think I'm going to settle with those x

  3. Oh wow. Those pink glasses are fabulous! Just noticing you're even wearing a little glasses-print top... Eeeekk cuteness overload! :)

    Claire xo

    1. Awwww babe! I didn't even realised I matched at the time! x

  4. Love the shape of all of these on you but my faves are the Alexa and the Fearne.

    Sharon x

  5. You look incredible! So iconic <3
    Charlotte - x