Monday, 17 February 2014


I was really excited to receive my miamoo package in the post the other day, it came wrapped up so gorgeous and delicately in purple paper with the miamoo logo stuck to the front! I didn't want to open it until I'd taken photos of the packaging but I could't resist, I needed to see what was inside!
miamoo was founded by Saira, after suffering from dry sky regularly. I know how she feels as I often have dry skin and suffer from eczema as well, something which Dexter has recently started with. Because miamoo products are free from harsh ingredients such as parabens and sulphates it makes it perfect for using on children too. It's great that you can buy one set of products which the whole family can use. 

One of my favourite ingredients in the huggy lotion is marshmallow extract. That alone makes me automatically love the products, and made with 97% natural products, you know you will be getting the best for your skin. 

I absolutely adore the miamoo packaging, the cows look so cute!

There are only six products in the miamoo range, but why do you need more? As Saira says, manufacturers do care about profit and make many bottles for different uses containing the same ingredients just to sell more. 
There are three steps to using the miamoo range:
1. have an exfoliating wash with the fresh locks shampoo, the splashy wash for body and bath, and spritz and wipe to complete step one. 
2. make sure you moisturise with the huggy lotion and the cheeky cream. 
3. massage with the baba oil. 
The travel kit contains all six of these products in travel size, along with a muslin cloth. The bag is perfect to join me on my trip to London Fashion Weekend! You can pick up the travel pack for £15.

You can get 10% off all the amazing miamoo products by entering code Blog13 at the checkout.
* Products were sent to me for review.


  1. I need to try this! What a cute package!

    1. They are super cute products! And smell good enough to eat too! x