Saturday, 8 February 2014

I Promise

Have you ever thought that Valentines Day is just about the gifts? The flowers, chocolate, pretty presents and a nice meal from your loved one. With Valentines Day becoming more commercialised, it's easy to lose track of how you are meant to celebrate it, with your loved one. We forget to appreciate what we have, and focus more on the material aspects to show someone how we love them. 

I Promise is different, it helps you to me thoughts not things
The idea behind I Promise is to create promise cards for your loved ones, sometimes it's the simple little things that show you how much you are appreciated. 

They are so simple to make! It just takes three steps:
If you can't think of your own promises to put on the cards, you can buy pre-made ones too. 

My husband, who lives abroad, won't get to see me this Valentines Day, so he had I Promise cards designed for me, to remember the little things which we appreciate. Wen created three cards for me, one promising to buy me more dresses (oh yes!), one promising to take me away more (because we don't spend enough time together on our own now, with travelling and things), and the last one to make more memories with me and Dexter. 
These are all thoughtful and playful in their own way, but making more memories with Dexter is extremely important to us as Dexter grows so quickly and so fast that we forget to record those memories and share them with others. 
You can buy these fantastic cards from I Promise, from £9.50 including free delivery (for three cards). 
And if you order now, you can still get them in time for Valentines. 
And these aren't just for Valentines either, you can buy them for birthdays or just for a friend.

I Promise cards are also eco-friendly too, made from upcycled materials with wind electricity, making them even friendlier to buy than your conventional gift. 

So why not be a little different this year?
Thoughts not things. 

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