Thursday, 27 February 2014

Children cost HOW MUCH?

One thing I wasn't aware of when having Dexter was how much he will cost me throughout my lifetime. If everyone knew the actual cost I doubt as many people would have children! 

LV have recently compiled a report showing the cost of raising a child over 21 years equates to £227,266. Eeep. Now that is a serious amount of money. And that is just one child… Try having a few and that springs up! I feel for people who have twins at the moment!

I like to think I'm pretty thrifty, buying and selling baby clothes on eBay, buying nappies and milk when offers are on, and trying to make do that way. But lets be honest, when I see something super cute I just buy it, and that's happening more often. Over the last month I think I've spent over £100 on clothes for Dexter, which I believe he won't end up wearing anyway! They will just end up on eBay and will be such a waste of money. I know I need to start cutting down somewhere and getting myself into that mindset when Dexter is young. I suppose somewhere along the line I should apply this to myself too, not just for Dexter, and stop buying as much as I do! 

I feel a little spending ban coming on!

Hattie Garlick from Free Our Kids believes that she can raise her child for a year with spending almost next to nothing. Some of her ideas include upcycling old clothes, building toys from scratch by using cardboard and a bit of paint lying around, getting books from the library, and swapping old bits and pieces. There are so many ideas and nifty little tips which I'll be taking from her blog. During Hattie's video she made some very valuable points that at the end of the day, your child doesn't care what they wear when they are young, or what they play with, as long as they are warm and happy that is all that matters. It really made me analyse how I'm bringing up Dexter and made me think of a few things.

I'm not really a dab hand with a sewing kit or knitting however, I think maybe this is time I need to start being more creative. I have a little more time on my hands now I'm a stay at home mum, so I think I should start to get crafty. I did pop into a cheap shop yesterday and pick up a few more bits and pieces to start scrapbooking, something I've always wanted to do but never had the time or inspiration to do it. This was one of my new year's resolutions too from my 'Hello January, Hello 2014' blog post too, to make sure I document more of Dexter's life as he's growing up. He's already three months now and I'm dressing him in actual proper clothes, and that made me cry this morning. 
My baby is no longer a newborn.
* PR collaboration post.


  1. I don'y have kids but this is such an interesting read, I can't believe the estimates for raising a child! Growing up we had almost no money and my Mum has told me later in life how she always felt bad in front of other Mums etc for shopping exclusively at car boots and charity shops but I don't remember being unhappy or anything as a kid. I had loads of toys made from cardboard and they were so awesome! Upcycling clothes is a great idea and if you live near friendly neighbours you could chat about hand-me-downs maybe, nearly all my childhood clothes came from two girls who lived up the road from me :) XXX

    1. Thank you so much for this comment lovely, it's really made me think twice about how I'm raising Dexter. I'm lucky I have a family next door who bring me baby clothes around for the little one, and at least if I start young with him making toys and bringing him up that way he won't be used to being spoilt like some children are. Your mum should never have felt bad, because she brought you up fantastically and you are so creative! x