Friday, 28 February 2014

LJH's Tea Tree Essence

Here is another one of my MeMeBox samples from the 2nd edition box, although this was a full size product worth $32 so I think I did pretty well on this one. One thing that I adore about the MeMeBox, and the reason I always go back and buy more, is because they seem to cater for folks with oily skin. And this makes me such a happy bunny! 
The tea tree essence comes in a glass vial with a pipette for application. You only need a few drops to cover your face so this product lasts a long time. The idea behind the tea tree essence is that is leaves your skin hydrated for 24 hours, soothes troubled skin, and helps to enhance your complexion and reduce dark circles and redness. 

I've been using this for a while now, along with my Tea Toc Tablet, and I've found they both compliment each other a treat. Instead of using a regular moisturiser, I've been applying this in replacement and noticing that my skin still feels hydrated at the end of the day, with no oily residue. This makes it a fantastic product for application under foundation as it won't slip and slide. 

The one this I was surprised about was that it's fragrance free. I thought it would at least have a subtle hint of tea tree which I absolutely adore, but nope, nothing. It makes quite a refreshing change actually. 

Once I've used the rest of the product, it will definitely be a repurchase! 

What do you think about Korean cosmetics?
Have you tried the MeMeBox yet?

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mini Social | Inkless Hand & Footprint Kits

I've always wanted to have a print of Dexter's feet and hands, but have been easily put off because of all the mess involved in the moulding and paint kits. Until now…
Mini Social sent me the amazing Save the Moment inkless hand and footprint birth certificate kit, which involves no mess whatsoever! This is an absolute godsend, especially with a wriggly newborn too.
The instructions are really simple to follow. You get yourself set up, pop your paper down (preferably on a hard surface so that the image shows up well), rub your little one's feet with the dry sheet of invisible ink, roll their feet on the paper, and hey presto, you have an amazing print of their hand or foot with absolutely no mess at all. Now as the ink is invisible, make sure you wash it off to prevent any finger prints transferring on to the paper.

The kit is so quick to use too, it only took me a matter of minutes to do this unaided too.
And the results are fantastic, there is so much detail on Dexter's footprint. I also popped my finger and thumb print on too. I've saved a wipe for when the husband comes home so he can do the same.
The kits start from £4.99, which is an absolute bargain for the contents and what you can achieve.

* Product sent for review.

Children cost HOW MUCH?

One thing I wasn't aware of when having Dexter was how much he will cost me throughout my lifetime. If everyone knew the actual cost I doubt as many people would have children! 

LV have recently compiled a report showing the cost of raising a child over 21 years equates to £227,266. Eeep. Now that is a serious amount of money. And that is just one child… Try having a few and that springs up! I feel for people who have twins at the moment!

I like to think I'm pretty thrifty, buying and selling baby clothes on eBay, buying nappies and milk when offers are on, and trying to make do that way. But lets be honest, when I see something super cute I just buy it, and that's happening more often. Over the last month I think I've spent over £100 on clothes for Dexter, which I believe he won't end up wearing anyway! They will just end up on eBay and will be such a waste of money. I know I need to start cutting down somewhere and getting myself into that mindset when Dexter is young. I suppose somewhere along the line I should apply this to myself too, not just for Dexter, and stop buying as much as I do! 

I feel a little spending ban coming on!

Hattie Garlick from Free Our Kids believes that she can raise her child for a year with spending almost next to nothing. Some of her ideas include upcycling old clothes, building toys from scratch by using cardboard and a bit of paint lying around, getting books from the library, and swapping old bits and pieces. There are so many ideas and nifty little tips which I'll be taking from her blog. During Hattie's video she made some very valuable points that at the end of the day, your child doesn't care what they wear when they are young, or what they play with, as long as they are warm and happy that is all that matters. It really made me analyse how I'm bringing up Dexter and made me think of a few things.

I'm not really a dab hand with a sewing kit or knitting however, I think maybe this is time I need to start being more creative. I have a little more time on my hands now I'm a stay at home mum, so I think I should start to get crafty. I did pop into a cheap shop yesterday and pick up a few more bits and pieces to start scrapbooking, something I've always wanted to do but never had the time or inspiration to do it. This was one of my new year's resolutions too from my 'Hello January, Hello 2014' blog post too, to make sure I document more of Dexter's life as he's growing up. He's already three months now and I'm dressing him in actual proper clothes, and that made me cry this morning. 
My baby is no longer a newborn.
* PR collaboration post.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wish List Wednesday | George

London Fashion Weekend | Friday Experience

As you may have seen from my previous 'what I wore' post, George at Asda sponsored me to attend London Fashion weekend on the Friday and gave me a gorgeous outfit to go with too.
I decided to do a slideshow movie of my catwalk shots from the Farhi by Nicole Farhi catwalk show, which was absolutely amazing. I was sat second row too so had an amazing view. There are so many fantastic jackets and coats within the AW14 range, I just have to have them all. You all know how much I love buying coats!
I'm in awe of the gorgeous emerald colours, I'll definitely be adding this as a pop of colour in my wardrobe this autumn as it's one of my favourite shades of green. 
I didn't manage to get around and take shots of people's fashion, mainly because I was too shy to ask! There were lots of amazing looks, especially Asian street fashion, which is my absolute favourite fashion style ever

Unfortunately I didn't get to see the Julien Macdonald show as this was on the Saturday, but I did manage to get some great snaps of a few of the dresses from the show. They are absolutely divine!
It was the first time I've been to London Fashion Weekend, and certainly won't be the last. I had an amazing time and it was nice to see different looks which I could incorporate into my wardrobe too. I'll definitely be adding more faux fur collars and 90's shoes throughout the year!
* A big thank you to George at Asda who sponsored me to go to London Fashion Weekend, and provided me with a gorgeous outfit to go with! 

Monday, 24 February 2014

What I Wore | London Fashion Weekend

When George at Asda asked if I would like to attend London Fashion Weekend and wear one of their outfits I jumped at the chance, I mean they are my favourite clothing brand ever. And that honestly is no exaggeration, you may have seen me kitted from head to toe in their clothing range in my previous fashion outfit posts. 

Because of George's excellent quality clothing at low prices, I managed to snap myself up a whole outfit for under £50. Normally this would maybe be a top and trousers, or a dress and shoes, but nope, I managed to get trousers, shoes, a shirt and a jacket. I did have to buy a new coat for the event, everyone knows my obsession with coats at the moment!
This is what I finally picked to wear, and trust me, it was very hard:
* A big thank you to George at Asda who sponsored me to go to London Fashion Weekend, and provided me with a gorgeous outfit to go with! 

My catwalk and experience post will be up shortly so keep your eyes peeled. 

My First Time… In Illamasqua

I know this is extremely hard to believe, but I have never ventured into Illamasqua until recently. I'm not too sure why either as it seems a store I would really like to buy cosmetics from. The MUA's are absolute babes and wear some amazing looks too!
I thought I would pop in as I was looking for a foundation match to my scalp, since shaving my hair I've noticed a lot more of my foundations and BB creams look terribly orange so needed this fixing ASAP. And what better place to go? Somewhere where bold make up looks are regularly worn. 

I was seen to by a lovely MUA who had amazing make up on herself may I add, the most gorgeous eyebrows and bright red lipstick. I fell in love instantly and knew she was the one for me. She colour matched me perfectly with their foundation so I thought I would ask her to sort my eyebrows as well and shade them in, something which I have no idea how to do myself. She sorted them out within a matter of minutes and the definition was just what I needed to go with my edgy look. Thank goodness for their eyebrow cakes!
Whilst I was there I thought I would have a look for a bright lipstick, I was looking for something bright blue but when she showed me the teal shade of Apocalips I was amazed. Could I pull something like that off without looking like an alien? Well I was sure going to try. She also showed me a few of their glosses as well which have amazing bright colours and mix really well when applied over a lipstick, something I've never thought of doing before to give a different shade. 
The experience was fantastic, and I can definitely see myself going there for one of their master classes and beauty school drop in sessions, I really need to master a bold smokey eye now! 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

A;T Fox Tea Toc Water Tablet

I was so lucky to receive these in one of the MeMeBox beauty boxes although I didn't realise how much at the time! I'm in love with the MeMeBox and I just can't get enough of them, lately they seem to be releasing a few every week and it's just a shame that I can't afford to buy them all, but around £18 every two weeks seems a little bit steep to me, so I've just decided to buy one every other box. 

I managed to get hold of the 2nd edition box after it had been restocked and received these tea toc water tablets. These are really similar to the effervescent toning tablets you can buy from Lush, but at $5 for all three, they work out a lot cheaper. 
The product is so simple to make too. Just pop the tea bag into hot water and wait for it to brew like a normal cuppa. They have packed the tea bag full of loose leaf green tea too which is full of antioxidants. Following that, just use as a normal toner when it cools down. You can also pop the remainder of the toner in a bottle and use another time. 

I normally have sensitive and oily skin but I've been using this in replacement of my Clinique toner and it's really reduced excess sebum production. It leaves my skin feeling light, clean and refreshed, and has the gorgeous scent of green tea too. 

And if that isn't enough, just look at the tea bag. It's super cute and the label has a fox on it. 
What more could anyone ask for?

Unfortunately A;T Fox is a brand I am currently unable to locate, and the tea toc tablet aren't in stock on the MeMe website, I'm really heartbroken at that as I love using this as a toner. 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

#KeighleyAppreciation | Lavender Fields Emporium

A little warning, this post is extremely image heavy, but I couldn't resist taking so many photos of the amazing Lavender Fields Emporium. 

Lavender Fields Emporium is another treasure in the heart of Keighley. Their little tea room is based on Cavendish Street. I have visited the tea room on a number of times before, but this time was different, I was really able to get involved with owner, Christine, who made me feel well at home. Just like I was at an aunties for lunch! It was a lovely experience to have a chat with all the customers too, everyone got on like a house on fire, we were just like old family. And I adore that sort of atmosphere. 

I popped in for lunch with my mum, dad and Dexter, 
and Dexter received a lot of attention from everyone!
The food is an absolute dream. Everything is prepared fresh, even the baguettes we had for lunch were just baking in the oven when we arrived. Christine makes all the scones and cakes fresh too, and with different flavours and ingredients on a regular basis, there are so many to choose from! We even bought the remainder of the treacle and lavender scones to bring home.

For lunch my parents had a traditional ploughman's lunch, where I had a tuna and cheese panini. YUM. My dad had his favourite, a strawberry milkshake, whereas I indulged myself in an iced coffee with ice cream! My mum went down the traditional route and had herself a tea, pomegranate and raspberry. We obviously had cake to finish, lemon drizzle cake and Bailey's coffee cake!
Lavender Field Emporium now stock a variety of yummy loose leaf teas, as well as herbal and fruity teas, you can now find some interesting blends, such as winter tea. I can't wait to visit more often and make my way through their tea menu! Not only do they have an extensive menu of teas, but they are also a stockist of various coffee bean blends too. I can safely say that this is the only tea room of it's kind in Keighley which offers such a variety. It's definitely a nice treat instead of having your regular barista coffee, and costs less too!
Lavender Fields Emporium are also proud to announce they are now fairtrade too! Offering a variety of gifts with amazing stories behind them from those who created the masterpieces, along with fairtrade coffees. Keighley is aiming to become a fair tradetown, and this is just one step towards this goal. You can find more information about this on Fairtrade Keighley's Facebook page.
The Emporium doesn't end here though, oh no! They include a variety of handmade gifts from local creators and artists too. As well as selling records and tea paraphernalia. Hopefully soon I might be lucky enough to have my jewellery collection on sale there too. Also, they offer a vast assortment vintage sweets too!
Lavender Fields Emporium is a great independent business to have in the community, and we need to keep supporting small businesses like this one, because they in turn support others within out community and have a great network. 
It's not just a tea room, it's an art gallery in it's own right, being a centre point supporting our local community. 

You can say hi to Christine on Twitter and Facebook
Or why not pop in for a great culpa? Next on my list is cherry and cinnamon.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Molly Coddles Kitchen | The Stud Club

Look what Mr Postie brought to me the other day? A fantastic bunch of stud club monthly subscriptions from Molly Coddles Kitchen! Everyone should know by now I'm a massive fan of monthly subscriptions, of any kind whether it be beauty boxes or what not. I love it when Mr Postie brings me something exciting in the post, especially when it's packaged well and looks so cute!
I was lucky to be sent three month's of the stud club, along with a super cute note. Also in the pack you get a cute 'happy mail' which lets you know important days of the month! All cutely wrapped in pick and mix sweety packaging with washi tape!

In the January edition I received two pairs of studs, one being cone spikes and the other a pair of butterflies. In February's edition I received three pairs of Lego stud earrings and a pack of Love Hearts sweets! This was definitely my favourite month. And in March's month I received two cute pairs of flower studs, along with a button ring!
Not only can you join the stud club with Molly Coddles Kitchen, you can also buy hair accessories and rings from the collection too!

You can find Molly Coddles Kitchen on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so why not say hi to their creator, Rebecca? 

* Products were sent for review.