Monday, 13 January 2014

Sunday Night Takeaway feat.

Yesterday I had a lovely early tea party with fellow blogging buddy Kel from Adventures in Tea and Cake, and was left feeling pretty hungry in the evening, despite eating all the cakes in sight! What better option than to experience ordering a takeaway online from and have a scrummy supper? I had a gorgeous lamb biryani from a takeaway which I've never been to before, I will definitely be going there again though, the food was delicious

Anyway, back to more pressing matters! I've never come across before so this was a great experience to order a takeaway via a different method. I'm not really a fan of talking to people, and I always refuse to speak to ring up and order a takeaway, so this was a fantastic option for me!

My experience overall of using the site was very positive. The site is really pleasant to look at and extremely easy to navigate.  The colours are bright, yet simple, and the layout is very clear. 

To begin, you enter your post code in the box, click search, and the search tool brings up a list of takeaways in your area. 

The menu layout for each of the takeaways is clear and concise, which makes it a lot easier to see the categories of food that the takeaway has to offer. Your order is placed on the right hand side so you can easily see what you are placing. Directly underneath the order box is information for payment methods and delivery options. I really like how everything is laid out on one page rather than having to navigate to the next page each time to see what's on offer or information for the chosen takeaway. have added a really useful option of having a 'free call' option should you wish to place your order over the phone rather than online. You enter your telephone number to receive a call back, all for free

At the moment there are only four listed takeaways in my locality, I can't wait until they add more as the service is fast, efficient and very easy to use. 

Why not click here to order food today, and save yourself the hassle of cooking this evening?
With over 7,500 takeaways listed on their site, you are sure to find something you're looking for.

* This is a sponsored post. I received a voucher to use on the site, but all opinions and the experience are of my own views. 

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