Sunday, 19 January 2014

Seasons Online: Memory Lockets

I have great experience of Seasons Online, and new to their collection are memory lockets. These are very similar to high street and high end charm bracelets but at a fraction of their hefty price. You could make a gorgeous present for your loved on this Valentines, or would work equally well as a Mother's Day gift, or even if you just fancy treating yourself! 
First of all, you choose your necklace or bracelet from a lovely selection of 13 available on the site. Their large choice means you can personalise your necklace to suit anyone's style! 
Secondly, you choose your charms dependent on how many the necklace or bracelet can fit. This is usually 5-6 charms depending on the charm size itself. 
The beauty of the memory locket necklaces and bracelets are that the charms are encased, meaning you can change the inserted charms as often as you want. 
Here are a couple of examples of what I would choose:

For my mum, who has just recently become a grandmother, I would make her one featuring a 'mom' charm, a 'nana' charm, a blue enamel and crystal pram charm, a December Zirconia birthstone, charm (being the month both me and my mum were born in), and a November Topaz birthstone charm, (being the month that Dexter was born in). My mum is a fan of charm bracelets so I would collect all the charms within a classic silver circle bracelet. 
This would make a great Mother's Day present from both me and Dexter, one which she will be able to cherish for years to come.
Anyone who knows me, or reads my blog on a regular basis, will know I'm a fan of prints and cups of tea. I can be persuaded to buy anything if it has a cute print of an owl, or something with a horse on it! These lockets and bracelets are no different, here is one I would personalise for myself. 
I would make a memory locket necklace, this way I could accessorise any of my print outfits for the day. The charms I would include are the silvery rabbit charm, the gold and brown horse charm, the owl charm, the white teacup and saucer charm, and the gold swallow charm. 
The lockets and bracelets begin at £9.99. 
The charms all cost £2.99. 

Delivery within the UK is free, express delivery is £2.99 within the UK, and you can get worldwide delivery from only £2.50!

* This is a sponsored post. 


  1. This is such a cute idea! I'm such a sucker for sentimental items xx Rebecca - UK Style Blog

    1. It's a nice little memory locket or bracelet to have, just something a little different! :) x

  2. Oh these are really lovely!