Friday, 31 January 2014

Neuner's Baby Stomach Tea

I've had a lot of trouble with Dexter over the past month or so being colicky, having a lot of reflux, a lot of wind and generally being a grump and unhappy most of the night, moaning and groaning in his sleep. We found out last week that he's lactose intolerant, something I didn't think of because I have a lot of intolerances too, apparently that is a big part of it, another is that he was quite premature and his stomach wasn't fully developed. Le sigh. 

Gripe water didn't do the trick, it made him even more grumpy. I have changed his milk as that was one of the most important things, but unfortunately that wouldn't make any difference to his colic unfortunately!

That's when I discovered Neuner's Baby Stomach Tea
Tea, for babies?! Baby tea?!
This sounds like Dexter will be growing up like me, and avid tea drinking fan

Neuner's are an award winning Austrian herbal tea company who are trying to promote their range of baby and mother teas within the UK. Their teas are 100% organic and safe for both baby and you. 
Why would you give your baby something you wouldn't be willing to try for yourself?

Baby Stomach Tea contains aniseed, fennel, camomile, caraway, and thyme. These ingredients are used to promote healthy digestive and have soothing properties. 

I make up around a 150ml bottle of tea and leave for around 5 minutes to brew. Leave it to cool until it's room temperature and presto, ready to drink. Dexter normally drinks roughly an ounce at a time between feeds. If you are breastfeeding, this works equally as well either given by bottle, by a spoon, or you drinking the tea yourself. The properties are still passed in your milk. 
I've noticed he's been a lot happier, and there has been a reduction in his colic symptoms, such as arching his back and the constant crying too. He's still a grump now and then but I couldn't really expect miracles to work, but this is certainly helping. 

I've even found it's great for me too! Fennel is a well known IBS treatment, and along with the camomile, it helps give me a better night's sleep. 

Neuner's also have other teas in their baby tea range such as nursing tea, to help promote milk production and to relax you, and red clover tea which helps your overall wellbeing. 

You can buy these teas from health food shops and online.
The Baby Stomach Tea costs £4.49 for 20 tea bags, and can be purchased here.

* Product was sent to me for review, all opinions are honest and my own.

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