Sunday, 5 January 2014

My Life in 2013: The Round Up

I know I'm extremely late in blogging about my life and events in 2013, but I've had my reasons! Hopefully now Dexter is beginning to get into more of a routine and the festive season is over I should have more time to return to blogging.

This post is long and pic heavy so prepare yourselves! 

January was the start of Satchels and Pearls. I began blogging on 18th January (soon to be my first blogoversary!) following my first Twitter #LBloggers chat on a Sunday evening. I'd followed a lot of blogs in the past so this seemed like the next logical step. Within a few hours that evening Satchels and Pearls was born!
I went to my first blog meet up and event in January too, I've met some amazing friends through blogging who have the same interests and live locally. What more could I ask for?

During March I got married! We had a small reception at the registry office on the 25th March and then headed off to China in the afternoon! You can see my post on arranging a wedding within a week here, my wedding outfit of the day here, and a mini update on my wedding here.

After flying to Beijing, we took a flight to Jinan where my family live, here are a few of my favourite photos overlooking the balcony of my in-law's apartment.

During April we travelled up to Shanghai to spend time with my aunty and uncle. All I can say is that it was simply amazing. Shanghai is my favourite place in the world and I couldn't have been happier to spend it with the people I love. I can't wait to go back later in the year. After spending time (and a lot of money in the amazing cosmetic stores!) in Shanghai, we travelled back down to Jinan for another week, and then spent the final days before heading home in Beijing where I experienced some interesting food stuffs (namely insects). There are so many photos of my journey which I would love to share with everyone, but it was very hard to pic from over 1,000 snaps! 

At the end of April, I found out I was pregnant! Honeymoon baby! 
(I know these photos aren't in monthly order but I though I would put all the pregnancy photos together in a little collage). 

I know I don't have a huge bump at the end, but I only made it up to 34 weeks. 

In August, due to personal reasons and illness, I decided to quit my job. After working there for over five years it was an extremely hard decision to make, especially considering I wouldn't be receiving my maternity pay, but it had to be done. It was one of the bravest decisions I could have made at the time, and I must have known something would happen in the future as there was no way I could have continued working with my illness. 

Dexter was born. After being extremely unwell and being in hospital several times, I found out I had pre-eclampsia (I will be doing a post on this illness and the importance of attending your antenatal check ups when I feel I can handle it). November was a pretty hard month for me and I went downhill all of a sudden. On the 25th November, after being in hospital for two days, I was rushed down for an emergency caesarean section late at night. Dexter was born at 11:46 pm. I don't remember much of this as it was a matter of life and death and I was extremely out of it on all kinds of drugs. It took me a few days to recover from being ill so I didn't see Dexter for a little while, but he was an absolute cuteypie!

Finally December came around! Dexter was still in hospital but luckily they let him come home on the 3rd, my birthday! He was the best birthday and Christmas present I could have hoped for. We had a lovely Christmas at home with all our family. Wen even replaced my wedding ring (as it wouldn't fit any more) and bought me a gorgeous eternity ring. Times have been hard trying to adjust to life with Dexter, but neither of us would change it for the world!

So I say goodbye to a very interesting 2013, getting married, becoming pregnant, changing my life and quitting my job, and having a baby! 
And welcoming a new year of 2014, who knows what this year will hold for the family? 
I can't wait to find out! 


  1. My god what a year you have hun! Wishing you all the best for 2014.
    Little Blonde Life - Lifestyle Blog

    1. Haha I know! I didn't realise there was so much stuff going on until I wrote it all down. Thanks hun, you too! x x

  2. Wow, what a year!! Hopefully 2014 brings lots of good things for you and your family :) xx

    1. Thanks Ellie, I'll have a full year this year! x

  3. What an exciting year you've had! Bless little Dexter! Gorgeous boy!

  4. What a year you've had, love the pictures. Hope your recovered now and can enjoy your little bundle? xxx

    1. Haha enjoying all the sleepless nights I'm having! x

  5. It was fantastic to meet you last year!

    What a year you had though. Amazing what can happen know 365 days, it really is. It sounds like yout have been so brave. Congratulations on Dexter, he is SO cute xxx

  6. He's soooo beautiful!! Auntie Daire needs a Skype visit soon so she can see him in almost real life!!

    1. I've never thought of Skyping you before! Gosh I am so rubbish x

  7. What a year! Just found your blog & looking forward to hearing your adventures in 2014!

  8. What a great year! Will have to have a nosey at your wedding posts! :)