Friday, 17 January 2014

Burt's Bees: Baby Bee Range

I was bought a Burt's Bees Baby Bee gift set when Dexter was born. I have heard of the brand before but presumed all they offered were lip balms and cuticle creams, I was so wrong. I've never used their products myself before but my mum is an avid fan which persuaded her to buy the little set. I've become so addicted to the products I've repurchased my two favourites in a larger size, I still have a few bit and pieces to go at but I'm sure they will be a repurchase too! 

All the products can be bought in Boots apart from the larger size Nourishing Baby Oil, which is a shame as this is my favourite. I did however manage to find a distributor on eBay. 

First up is the Nourishing Baby Oil. All the products smell absolutely divine but I've enjoyed this one the most as the fragrance is quite concentrate. I just use a few drops all over Dexter and give him a nice massage, he totally smells yummy enough to eat! It's also helped with the start of any navy rash he's had, resolving the redness before his next nappy change. Another great point is that the oil has worked wonders for my eczema ridden hands too! 

The Nourishing Lotion has been an absolute necessity for Dexter's skin. He's been suffering from dry skin for some weeks now, and quite a bit on his forehead, and this has really worked for him. Yet again it has the same yummy fragrance, which is beeswax, seed oil and Shea butter. 

I couldn't recommend these products more highly, especially for a newborn with sensitive skin. The products may cost a little more than regular baby creams and oils, but I've found them to be of a higher concentrate and a more luxurious product for baby skin. The larger size products retail roughly between £6.00 and £10.00. 


  1. Many of the baby products out there have harmful chemicals in them (ahem, Johnsons) so I think it's worth paying a bit extra for a safer and better product! Plus, I love shea butter scents, so I can only imagine how yummy he smells! xx

    1. I've never paid much attention to baby products but now it's all I do! The Burt's Bees products are amazing quality, I adore them so much! x