Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tea Horse: Mint Detox Loose Leaf Tea*

Being pregnant, there is a bit of a lack of what you are able to eat and drink. Especially when it comes to products with a lot of caffeine in. So I've been trying to cut back on the amount of caffeine in my tea, when I contacted Tea Horse to see if there was anything available which was caffeine free. The guys there were so helpful and send me over a sachet of the mint detox tea to see what I thought!

Now I totally forgot it was loose leaf tea, and I've lost my tea strainer... So I improvised and popped it in the coffee pot. All is not lost, hey?

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much tea you could make from the sachet provided! It definitely made me a few cups full, so next time I would probably just use a few teaspoons full and in a teapot. 

Mint detox contains peppermint, aniseed, fennel and liquorice. I'm not the biggest fan of liquorice but it really complimented the taste, and was actually pretty good! I did make the tea rather strong and overpowering, but I quite like my herbal and fruit teas in this way. 
All served up in my favourite Ella Masters mug.  

You can buy mint detox, as well as many other loose leaf teas from Tea Horse here
They also have a really lovely subscription service available with loose leaf teas from around the world. 

Would you ever try a tea subscription service?
They have plenty more teas ready for cake! 

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