Friday, 8 November 2013

Quinessence: Aromatherapy Massage Oil for Stretch Marks*

Quinessence are a specialist supplier of quality aromatherapy oils, and have been for over 27 years, and have a large online store with lots to choose from! I've always loved essential oils and massage oils, and find these a fantastic way of relaxing. When Quinessence contacted me and asked if I would like to review one of their products I was overjoyed to find a stretch mark oil with lavender. I've had to negate using gorgeous bath oils and bath bombs in the latter stages of my pregnancy. 

The stretch mark oil, which you can buy here, does indicate that you can use in pregnancy after the first three months. I know a lot of oils you can't use during pregnancy but these have been fine. The lavender has also helped me fall asleep pretty quickly after application during an evening, divine. The other two oils are frankincense and neroli, leaving a gorgeous fragrance. 

All three of these oils combined promote skin rejuvenation and help to reduce the redness you may get with stretch marks. I've been using this oil for a few weeks now every two days and I've definitely noticed my tummy feels a lot softer and the marks are reduced. Now I'm hitting week 33 I've noticed especially that my tummy is a lot tighter and this really helps relieve a lot of the pressure in my skin. 

You can pick up their stretch mark oil here for £6.45 which is an absolute bargain as you only need a small amount, so it will last you for months. Quinessence also offer free delivery with orders over £15 too. 


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