Friday, 6 September 2013

Pregnancy Weeks 22 & 23

I'm so lucky that over the past few weeks my really bad Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has settled itself down a little bit. Although, the joys of being pregnant have taken their toll another way. 

As well as growing, and probably being the size of a house by Christmas, I've been diagnosed with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, or SPD to normal folk. Basically, it's the most annoying pain down there in your lady parts and nether regions that feels like you've pulled a muscle. And boy is it annoying. I can barely walk up and down the stairs and basically, try to keep my legs shut as much as possible. I've been told to sit on a glossy magazine when I get in the car so I can safely slide in and out. Lets be honest, I look bloody hilarious, but my gosh it hurts a lot. So what are the other joys of this? The fact that I probably have to go to physiotherapy and have someone manipulating my pelvis. This is definitely not something I'll be looking forward too...
(Sorry, or not so sorry, for being graphic here, you all need to know what you may expect...)

And to top it all off, another trip to hospital has been in order this week. I'm so lucky (not) to have a kidney infection. So I'm on the worst course of antibiotics ever, which have started to make me violently sick again. It's like morning sickness take two.

Other than that, we're all good. Dexter is jumping about and having a party. Especially when I watch any kind of cookery show. At the moment he's mostly addicted to Celebrity MasterChef, Great British Bake Off, and really enjoyed Hell's Kitchen. 
I daren't put the Food Network on in case I get kicked half to death...


  1. you're not selling this pregnancy malarkey.

  2. haha love that he loves the cooking shows. sorry to hear what you are going through, cant be nice. im dreading it in a way as I have hip dysplacia, so ive been warned my hips will hurt with all the added wait. im hoping to get 'knocked up' after my wedding in Decemebr. loving your pregnancy updates. all the best x

    1. Ah lovey I hope you'll be ok! I know as Dexter gets bigger there will be more stress and strain added. My only fault was not loosing weight before I got pregnant, hopefully for my next one I'll be in a better position :) x