Thursday, 12 September 2013

Oriflame: Neo Chic Lipsticks in Bright Pink & Strong Fuchsia*

Following Hayley's Leeds blogger meet up, and after receiving an Oriflame mascara in my goody bag, I was really intrigued about their products as I hadn't heard much about this Swedish company before. Oriflame products have been available to buy in the UK for some time, but for some reason I haven't seen much of these on my radar so was excited to try out a few more of their products!

Oriflame have been especially kind to me and have sent me both lipsticks in the Neo Chic range to review. I absolutely love both these colours, I love bright colours anyway!, and find these both suit my complexion and above all, personality. Alongside the lipsticks, arrived a little catalogue which reminded me of Avon, and I especially adored the fragrance tester pages! I'm quite eager to purchase a fragrance named Lovely Betty...

The reason why I really wanted to try out these products was because of the packaging. I'm a sucker for something aesthetically pleasing, and definitely cute, and these reminded me so much of my adoration for Korean cosmetic products - I just had to give them a try.

Both of these products are satin lipsticks. They apply incredibly smooth and do not bleed. Roughly they last a few hours, but I'm taking eating and drinking into this account too. You can really build on this product as well, adding a few swipes to give you more of a bolder colour. Because of the lipstick being satin, it doesn't dry out at all leaving your lips hydrated throughout the day. Plus, it doesn't stain so product removal is a doddle! 

You can find them available to buy here, both at £5.95 each which I think is a great price! 

Have you tried Oriflame before?
What do you think to their cosmetics range?


  1. I love them both, gorgeous colours!

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    Thanks x

  2. Love the colour of these, I will have to try them out.
    Little Blonde Life