Monday, 16 September 2013

Leeds Meet Up at Coffea

I attended another Leeds meet up this weekend! This week's event was hosted by the lovely Yuna, and we popped over to Coffea just by the train station down Dark Arches (Granary Wharf). It was a really nice intimate blogger meet up where we all had drinks and food, and a good old chat! Coffea were fantastic and we received a free drink with fabulous service. I also had to try their meatballs as they looked amazing, trust me, they didn't disappoint. I didn't try any cake though(!) but it looked divine, and the ladies certainly enjoyed their panini's and cakes. 

Coffea actually makes me miss working in Leeds, cause I definitely know I'd be spending my lunches there. Picking up a tea or a flavoured coffee along with one of their gorgeous sandwiches or salad bowls, and obviously a piece of cake that I missed! 

I had a yummy hot chocolate! 

The coffee shop has a really warm and friendly atmosphere, I would call it quaint but it doesn't quite fall into the category, it's certainly metropolitan though and fits in with the charm of Leeds itself. They had such a nice array of foods, and I especially love the little gift bags you can buy, along with the chocolate flavours! Simply divine. 

The only let down I would say, probably along with the other bloggers who were there, was that there weren't any toilets. As a pregnant woman who locates the latest toilet and goes simply every half hour, I did quite well, although you really shouldn't have to go hunting round Leeds for a bathroom. I hope they can sort this out as I would definitely want to go back for a longer session next time!

The seats were really comfortable though, that was the highest priority for me after a quick walk up to return shoes to Primark, and a quick run back down as we were running a little late! 

It was great to have a catch up with Kerys, Emily, Kel, Kelly, Simone and Arash, who popped by for a few minutes before heading home from work! 

It can be said though, I definitely love Coffea! 
You can find Coffea over on Facebook, Twitter and their site (currently under construction). 

After the meet up, a few of us headed off for a little shopping, which only consisted of Superdrug as I had a little shopping list of things I wanted to buy, you'll be able to see that in a haul post later this week. 

I did intend on taking an outfit of the day photo showing my bump and how I'm dressing now, but we actually forgot to get a shot from the Dark Arches before we left, so instead I'll do a face of the day post, which too will be up this week. 


  1. Ooh, you know I hate you all for getting to live so close, don't you? xx

  2. it was so good to see you again Michelle xoxo