Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Leeds Blogger Meet Up

On Saturday I attended another Leeds blogger meet up hosted by Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty, which was held at Patisserie Valerie, and was just simply divine!

A few of us bloggy peoples decided to have a little meet in the train station first before we all walked over to the venue. There must have been around 10 of us and must have looked pretty funny walking through town en masse! We met up with the rest of the meet at the event, overall there must have been around 25 of us and it was really nice to meet some new faces as well as seeing some old regulars!

Patisserie Valerie were awfully kind in giving us a free slice of cake when we ordered a drink. Their cake is simply divine, and I opted for a slice of the Black Forest gateaux which is a guilty pleasure of mine. 

Yum. All the cake!

There were a few speakers there, but unfortunately I missed everyone! I must have been too busy having a gab with my neighbours haha, you know me! I only got details of the PR girls working on behalf of Oriflame. 

Hayley did an absolutely fantastic job with the goody bags, oh my goodness, I don't think I've ever seen so much before. 

I'm so excited about trying the Anatomicals product, the fragrances are amazing, and I love their brand ethic! Plus their stuff is easily purchasable in supermarkets which I like. I must admit I did open the Andrew Barton hair brush straightaway and fell in love. I'm not sure where the Argan oil is within it, but I definitely noticed a difference in the ends of my hair, and it has a lovely shine to it. I'm also excited to try the Milk_Shake conditioner as I've heard a lot of good reviews about this product. I'm a little dubious about the Nisim FAST shampoo and conditioner, I used it this morning and had to use both sachets for it to lather up. It left my hair feeling in quite bad condition after use, I would love to fall in love with this product but I'm not sure, although for £24.99 for both bottles the reviewers certainly love it!

A huge thank you to Hayley again for organising such a fabulous event!
And thank you to everyone I met on Saturday!


  1. Aww no I'm going to try the fast shampoo tonight I was hoping to fall in love with it too... Damn! Really lovely to meet you even briefly! Hope to see you again at another meet up before our bambinos arrive :)

    Siobhan xxx


  2. I mix the FAST shampoo and conditioner with my blob of my normal shampoo so that it lathers ;)