Thursday, 26 September 2013

Day Trip to Ilkley

During the husband's short trip home, we visited Ilkley. It's definitely one of my favourite spots in Yorkshire and for me, it's only around a 20 minute drive away to such a vintage and quaint town. 

A few weeks back I received an e-mail from Groupon with a £10 off discount code, I had no idea what to use it on so I just generally ignored it and left it in my e-mail account. It's not often I find anything local with Groupon that I would actually use. However, I decided to have a little browse around and see what was on offer, only to find an offer of Afternoon Tea at Lounge 10 in Ilkley for four, for a whole £14! What a bargain. I would have had to snap this up anyway as I'm a massive fan of afternoon tea, and it was an excuse to take the family out for lunch. Then I remembered by £10 voucher, contributed that to my £14 and only ended up paying a whole £4. Yes ladies, a whole British £4. For four people. For afternoon tea. You might be able to imagine how happy I was! 

I think the Afternoon Tea itself could have been a little better presented, but I know Lounge 10 were under new management and probably had a lot on their plate at the moment! Lounge 10 was really easy to find, just across from the train station in Ilkley and had really welcoming staff. The only disappointment was the fact we only got two pots of tea, and we would have really liked another or unlimited. But, for £4, I really should not be complaining!

Overall we had a fab time, as always in Ilkley, and I just had to pop in Betty's on the way out of Ilkley for macarons. Which were divine as always may I add. 

We decided to pop off route to Otley and visit the Stephen Smith's garden centre. I have a penchant for their craft section and all things water related. They have an awesome aquatics section with pretty fish and amphibians for sale! 


  1. Mmmmmm! It's afternoon tea time as I read this right now. What I would do for a scone! XX

  2. ah, afternoon tea! how perfect! i love the little treats you had with it as well!

    lindsey louise

  3. you can't beat a good afternoon tea!
    Betty's macarons are something else!