Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Beauty Haul

I was going to call this a 'drugstore' haul, but considering I only went into one store (Superdrug) and bought the few MUA bits online, it didn't really count. Beauty haul it is then!

I have bought loads of clothes recently too, obviously with the ever expanding waistline, but I haven't got around to doing a clothing haul post. I highly doubt anyone would want to read that either as it's not that grand. Just a few pairs of treggings and a few jumpers. Plus a bunch of dresses I'm having to store away for post-pregnancy!

So what did I treat myself to?

I bought two cosmic purple hair dyes as my hair fades way too often for my liking, L'Oreal sea salt spray as I'm fancying having textured messy bed-head hair this winter (whilst I'm growing out my fringe), Schwarzkopf Got2B Big Volume hairspray, to add to said messy hair. 
I also bought a Barry M nude shade eyeliner to make my eyes pop a little and look bigger, pregnancy has ruined my sleeping pattern and I constantly look like death. A dark brown eyebrow pencil as I've had them tinted darker and nothing suits. 
I also treat myself to one of the baked MUA eyeshadow trios, I love the colours! 

From MUA's website I treat myself to three of their matte lipsticks from the new collection. I did purchase a MAC lipstick last week but as it's satin it bleeds quite a lot, and I'm a novice with lipliner so I've decided to leave that one and stick with a matte instead. I was really lucky as these were £1 each! So I opted to buy a berry, red and nude. They have really good staying power and don't bleed. I'll be popping a review of these up later! Also, the primer/concealer from their Pro-Base collection, along with another concealer in brush form. Lets see how these go!

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  1. i love that hair spray, i used to use it as well!

    lindsey louise