Friday, 20 September 2013

Bag Blog Sale

I've decided that in preparation of the big move, details of which some of you may know, others aren't so lucky haha, I'm gonna sell lots of my bags. I can't really afford to ship stuff to another country when I don't use it, so I'm being logical before baby Dexter comes along. 

At the moment I have four bags going, I'm not listing them on eBay as people always kick off about postage prices, and lets be honest, Royal Mail do pretty much suck and no one wants to pay £6 odd for something being sent second class tracked/recorded or whatever lingo they use. 

The prices of these bags include postage, which will be delivered tracked by Hermes :)
PayPal only please, and I'll only post within the UK. 

Both the Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags are replicas but are in very good condition. I've only ever used any of the bags once or twice as I have far too many
The Louis Vuitton and the tan owl bag (bottom photo) are large enough for folders, so great for Uni etc. 

UPDATE: The owl print tan bag has been sold.
The black and gold owl bag has been sold. 

The below satchels are being sold as a bundle as individually would cost £3.70 to post and it isn't really worth it! So the whole bundle below is for £20 including postage! 

The cream satchel at the bottom is double sided, so effectively you get two satchels for one. 

Any questions, please ask. 

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