Sunday, 1 September 2013

Always Failing A Challenge: 1 Year/£100 Beauty Challenge - August's Update

Well here we go again, and I think this month I must completely admit defeat on this challenge. It's definitely a lot harder than I imagined, and following in the footsteps of earlier challenges, I'm failing completely.

So here we go, what did I buy?

1. Lush Foot Pedicure - £2.95
2. 2x nSpa products - £8.00
3. Colour B4 hair colour remover - £11.99
4. Red hair dye - £4.04 (used my student discount on this one, woohoo)

Okay, so what I haven't included is that £7.69 that I spent on lavender dye and hair toner, amongst the £11 I spent on platinum hair dye only to discover it wasn't going to really work on my pregnancy hormonal hair... Oh okay and I almost forgot I spent £13.00 on a blog sale, but I'm not including this one either as I sort of see it as swapping as I've sold some of my beauty products too. Acht

Yes, I know. I have completely sucked this month. 

So, working it out on only what I'm admitting to spending and not including the dyes which aren't working (completely cheating I know!). What have I spent?

All in all I spent £26.98 (faints), well within my yearly budget, but ahem nowhere near within my monthly. So I have £61.16 left for the rest of the year, which works out at £6.11 over the next 10 months. 

Lets be honest folks, I might as well quit now.
Save myself the embarrassment...
I'll give it another month and see how I go. 


  1. £100 a year is an absurdly low amount, I think under £30/month is pretty good going! If the target has helped you cut back at all then it's not a complete failure ;D
    Am I ridiculously optimistic!? Haha :)

    Jess xo

  2. I could never stick to just spending £100 in a year, though it's something that I probably should do! I'd never really save anyway because I'd just spend it elsewhere, basically i'm just a failure! x

    Tinkerbell and the Lost Girls