Monday, 5 August 2013

Wriggly Rascals: My Take On Food Aversion In Pregnancy

I haven't written a lot of pregnancy posts on my blog yet, I've had a pretty hard time with the whole thing to be honest, continuing morning sickness even into my 18th week, and hospital visits which I would rather have not had. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can get back to normal and start posting some weekly bump photos and a little update!

I was delighted when I was contacted by Wriggly Rascals to write for their blog. My first post is on food aversion in pregnancy, which I know a lot of women have in their pregnancy one way or another. Most women when they find out they're pregnant will start wondering what their cravings will be and how crazy they might be, not thinking about what they can no longer stomach, and some who can't even cook anymore. I for one have started eating a lot of tinned macaroni from the children's section of my local supermarket, along with instant mashed potato! It seems this week that's the only thing I cans stomach. 

You can read more about my journey here. Please give both me, and other soon-to-be-mums a help on this one guys by filling in the survey here

You can find Wriggly Rascals over on Facebook, their website, on Twitter, and they also have a blog which is a great read for expecting parents, new parents, or those with toddlers alike! 

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