Monday, 5 August 2013


Yesterday I was honoured with meeting some fabulous new bloggers at an event in Leeds hosted by Georgina and Nicola. I met with the usual crew of Yuna and Kel, along with a newbie Cheryl and her junior fashionista! Sammie turned up fashionably late, but still in time for me to call the venue we were at House of Pigs, rather than Friends of Ham... To me it will always be House of Pigs. 

First of all, after meeting up outside TopShop on Briggate and having everyone staring at around 20 ladies just stood there, we moved to Friends of Ham. We sat downstairs in Friends of Ham, and their decor is something to die for. A whole wall dedicated to book wallpaper and chairs with Penguin book print on them, yes please. Nicola gave an introduction to a brand called Arbonne she is working with, and who I was very interested to hear about. Not only do they offer skincare products and make up, they also offer products for babies which are all natural. Something I'm definitely interested in trying!

Nicola and Arbonne were really generous and gave us samples of their products to try. I opted to try the RE9 Advance skincare range which is for older skin, samples of their foundation range, and a sample of their fantastic primer, which applied so easily and finished like velvet! 

We had a little chat with one of the ladies from Ark Clothing, which went really well! At a meet up in January we were really unlucky to have a more mature lady dressed, rather like a teenager, trying to promote Ark Clothing to bloggers. To be honest, I wouldn't have gone anywhere near this brand as it seemed to be aimed for the younger market, but this lady really sold the vintage side of things, something which a few of us actually felt we would be able to work with. 

Georgina gave us goody bags! Wow. We got some fantastic items in there! From make up, skincare products, a top, jewellery, a camera case and my favourite, a gorgeous iced flower biscuit! I didn't photo that as I ate it pretty swiftly afterwards. 

From leaving Friends of Ham, we ventured to Debenhams to meet a lady at the Benefit counter who gave us a foundation match and a sample of their new Hello Flawless foundation, something which I've been interested in trying but not fancying the price tag! It was a really good close match to my skin tone, which I haven't had before, maybe because I've never used a skin match service... So I'm looking forward to giving this a try. We also received a gift card with a free make over!

Shortly after this I left, but I know some of the girls ventured on to TGI's and had cocktails! Muchly jealous of this, but I was pretty exhausted at this point, so just popped to Lush for a few goodies and then headed home. 

I had an amazing time and want to thank the girls for organising this, and to the girls who went! It was really nice to meet you all, even though we didn't have much of a chance to chat, would be great to meet you all again! 


  1. It was really nice to meet you yesterday, great post

  2. It was lovely to meet you in person yesterday, thanks for coming! Let me know how you get on with the Arbonne products, and if you would like to know about the baby range I would love to meet up with you and show you some of the products.
    Nicola xxx

  3. Such a great post - and done so quickly! Really lovely to meet you :) hope to see you again soon sometime :) xx

  4. Fab post and pics hun - lovely to meet you x

  5. Looks like you had a fab time, I love Arbonne, I use their primer everyday. I would defiantly recommend. xx
    Heroine In Heels

  6. Lovely post! And lovely to meet you :) Hopefully i'll see you again and we can chat more! :)
    Rosie xx

  7. Great post lovely xxx