Thursday, 1 August 2013

1 Year/£100 Beauty Challenge - July's Update

Here we are, one month in to my one year's beauty challenge, and here is the update. I don't think I did too badly this month, I even stayed within my budget which makes a change for me!

So here we go, what did I buy?

1. Directions hair dyes x 2 - £6.86
2. Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel & Nude BB Cream (samples) - £4.00
3. Skinetica (sample) - £1.00

There were a few other bits bought as gifts for me, so I haven't included these. And, okay, so I did have an eyebrow wax which I know I said I would be included, but every month that equates to £6.00 and lets be honest, it's not something I can go without really. 

Luckily I've managed to use up a few bits and pieces lying around in my beauty drawer which is very good, making more room for baby things too! Although I haven't actually touched any of my make up products in a long while

All in all I spent £11.86, well within my yearly budget, but ahem not within my monthly. So I have £88.14 left for the rest of the year, which works out at £8.01 over the next 11 months.

I feel like I will do a lot better next month. Lets be honest, I have pretty much had a whole hair transformation, cut and colour for £6.86 so I can't really grumble at that. I know I went a little over board when I bought the samples but I was so naughty and totally forgot I was even on the beauty challenge...

Check in with me same time next month for my next update! 

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