Friday, 30 August 2013

Post Appreciation

So over the past few weeks I've slowly found more and more posts which I think deserve more appreciation, and more people need to see these posts and follow these amazing blogs! 

First up is Alex's autumn wants wishlist. 
I love this post, full of burgundy colours (my fave may I add!) along with a gorgeous biker jacket from G21 which is just what I've been looking for all my life. So much so that after I read the post I popped down to my local Asda and bought it...

I love Donna's back to school styling on her most recent post. 
This is actually the reason I decided to do this appreciation post and I adore her sense of style, and it's so similar to my own. Unfortunately at the moment being pregnant I can't fit into a lot of the gorgeous autumnal styles I wish I could, so I'm living vicariously through her wardrobe!

Now last, but in no means least, is this amazing pig-in-mud cake post from Terri. 
I won't lie, but when I saw this weeks ago I was determined to re-post it at sometime and share her amazing cake decorating skills with the world. Terri is actually the reason I began blogging back in January, and I aways love how lighthearted her posts are. 

I hope you like my choices for this week!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

True Woman - Pregnancy Vitamins*

I was contacted last month by The Hut to see if I would like to review one of their vitamin products. 

I've been taking True Woman for a few weeks now and have noticed quite a difference. You do get given standard vitamins when you're pregnant from the NHS, but I've been using these as a top up as I've definitely been depleted of vitamins I need!

These come in monthly supply packs of 30 and are resealable so, if you're like me, you won't drop any! They are a combined tablet full of different nutrients, vitamins and minerals which you need when you are pregnant. 

What I've noticed these have done for me is help my sensitive teeth. I didn't realise how much calcium you lose when you're pregnant and how important it is to visit the Dentist regularly. As I was told at my last visit, it's quite common for pregnant women's teeth to fall out... I wasn't too happy about this as I had noticed some sensitivity already. These contain added Calcium D which I think has really contributed to my teeth, over the past weeks I've started to notice they aren't as sensitive. 

I've also noticed my hair has never been healthier. It's really thick and strong, and I've noticed reduced split ends, and a lovely sheen! Also topped off with the strongest and healthiest nails I've ever had, they seem to grow overnight and don't chip any more. Ahhh pregnancy bliss!

You can check out the Hut's list of vitamins and supplements here

Have you considered your pregnancy health?
Would you be willing to try extra vitamin and mineral supplements during pregnancy?

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bolton Abbey

A few days back we had a family trip to Bolton Abbey. Somewhere I haven't been since I was a young girl, and somewhere the husband hasn't been yet. So we all set off, me with towel in tow hoping I could find a good spot to have a nice little paddle, the only thing I've wanted to do all summer.

Unfortunately my hopes of a paddle were dwindled as there were quite high bankings to walk down from where we had parked, and I wouldn't have been able to get back up... Pregnancy problems. We did have a nice walk and a Yorkshire Dale's ice cream to cheer me up along the way. 

We decided to head over to the Yorkshire Dale's ice cream parlour about 15 minutes away to experience their American style diner and have lunch. By this point I was extremely tired and when we were told we would have an hour's wait for lunch I was close to tears. To be honest, going somewhere free in the middle of the holidays wasn't a good idea. I don't really like children and there were a lot around, at this point I was scared of being walked into or knocked over. So we decided to head home via Skipton. 

One of my favourite restaurants is between Skipton and Keighley, so we popped in there for lunch. I couldn't have been happier as there was no one in! I had a really nice non-alcoholic cocktail and a bacon and brie sandwich with soup. YUM.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

#Giveaway Ends Today - Last Chance To Enter!

Enter via my post here to win an item from my Etsy store!
Last chance ladies :) 

Satisfying Samples? The Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask.

I haven't done a satisfying samples post in quite some time, but going through all my samples from meet ups and things I've hoarded from beauty boxes has made me get right back on it. I have far too many samples that I must simply use up! I try telling myself this, but they just end up in my drawers or boxes and I really don't.

Next on the list is a sample of Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask. I somehow have ended up with a few of these and I'm not certain how. But they came to a good use when me and momma H decided to have a bit of a pampering session the other night. 

I would say you get enough in one of these sachets for two applications, which is good as they cost around £1.49 for a sachet in Boots. The product contains peppermint which leaves your skin feeling really cool and cleansed. It does have a slight tingling sensation but not one to worry about. 

I must admit, it's been a while since I've used a clay mask, or a peeling mask, which set on your face. Having brought a shops-worth of paper sheet masks back from China with me, I've been using a lot of those lately! It made a refreshing change having it set and cracking at the end before you take it off, something which I have missed!

I left the mask on for a lot longer than required, something like an hour and half whilst we watched a movie, but it really didn't make any difference. It took a lot of washing off, so I did add an exfoliator to get some of it off. The end result was lovely, smooth, fresh and cleansed skin. 

I did noticed for a few days afterwards that my skin looked a lot better and wasn't as oily as usual, which for some reason had an amazing factor on my hair as well as this didn't get greasy as quick. Weird coincidence there? I think once I've used up my major bulk of samples and face masks that this might be a nice repurchase. I know you can pick up a tube of Amie clay mask for around £4.50 which is nicely within my budget having set my mind to the £100 beauty challenge! 

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pregnancy Weeks 20 & 21

So last week, at exactly 20 weeks, the husband and I toddled off for our scan when we found out, much to no surprise, we were having a baby boy! Since the day I found out I was pregnant (at 2 weeks) I knew we were having a boy and have been calling him his name since that day... 

Dexter Xiang

Now I think most of my readers will know my husband is Chinese, maybe some of you won't, but anyway Xiang will be his Chinese name which we will use with our Chinese family and when we eventually move over there. Xiang is pronounced She-Ang to those of you who were wondering! 

Here I am at 20 weeks, ignore the dirty mirror... 

I mentioned a little last week that I'd started with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and it was really getting me down. Luckily over the past few days it has worn off and my hands are back to almost fully functioning form. Just another side effect of pregnancy, which I'm sure will make another appearance before baby Dexter is born. 

I've done quite well with morning sickness lately. As some of you might know I've had it really for at least 18 weeks of my pregnancy. Now I'm only sick when I brush my teeth, which is a vicious cycle as to get rid of the taste of vomit you brush more, and then throw up more. Delicious

Other than that I think I've been doing well. I'm suffering with Sinusitis and headaches a lot more but these are generally becoming more manageable. 

I am getting heartburn on a more regular basis now, seemingly every couple of days, especially if I've been drinking fizzy pop. Nothing that antacids won't solve though. 

Cramps, yep still getting those, and quite a lot more now Dexter is growing at rapid size! I haven't measured my bump and won't be seeing my Midwife until 25 weeks so we shall see how he's going on. But he's doing fine and his measurements are bang on for his age.

So overall, weeks 20 and 21 seem to be doing pretty good. 
Fingers crossed for a few more good weeks please! 

Miracle Bump Miracle Body Oil*

When Miracle Bump contacted me asking me to try their luxury product for stretch marks, I jumped at the chance. Being a tall, curvy size 16 lady I've had stretch marks since I was quite a young age which have faded and I've gotten used to. However, since around 17 weeks of pregnancy I've started gaining new ones which are horrid and bright pink, and it has left me feeling quite down. I know it's all part and parcel of having a baby, but with added hormonal emotions etc, it upset me quite a bit. 

Miracle Body Oil comes in 100ml glass vial with a pump action top. It looked so cute when it arrived, tied with a little bow and matching descriptive card. It contains Argan (yay!) and Jojoba oil, which are amazing products on their own, so you know this is going to be good stuff from the start. To me, it has a white chocolate fragrance and does smell good enough to eat! 

All Miracle Bump products are 99% natural and organic with no additives. These are suitable for use on sensitive skin as well. I adore the ethic that Miracle Bump adhere to. It's really nice to see that even within pregnancy products they have thought of Fair Trade. 

To use, you need to warm a little of the oil in your hands and apply to the skin. You can use this all over your body not just on your baby bump.

I've been using this product for around four weeks now and I can really tell the difference. My skin is a lot smoother and feels a lot more supple which is helping it to stretch a little better, considering I'm now 21 weeks and doubling in size each week. A small amount of the oil really does go a long way, I can hardly even notice how much I've used of the product. The pinkness and fresh look of my stretch marks has disappeared and they look a lot more reduced. The calming fragrance also helps me to fall asleep too, which is an added bonus! 

You can see their full range of luxurious pregnancy products here
Next on my list is the Serenity Candle! 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New Look Festival Wish List*

I adore doing wish lists! In fact I don't think I've done enough of them lately, especially with being pregnant and missing out on lots of nice new trends! I did a festival friendly attire post in July after missing out on Download (me being bitter!) and I thought with Leeds and V festival around the corner it would give me a great opportunity to do another post! 

I couldn't find a decent festival photo (blame the husband) but this is me and a few friends at Download 2011.

I'm a big fan of the festival look, and generally keep mine with shorts, leggings and a checked shirt. I am really predictable and this has been the same for over a decade(!) of festival-going. 

New Look have created a timeline of festival attire over the decades, ranging from punk to indie and nu-rave. My fave year is 2004 where they feature the Isle of White festival and indie/boho fashion. The timeline gives great inspiration for your next festival outfit!

Click the photo link below to see the timeline. 

So what would I wear?

I adore the ditsy cami top with the scalloped lace denim jeans, it leaves a really girly look. You can add a little bit of fun with the fox backpack. For those chilly nights, pop on a sweater, and the leggings are extra versatile as you can remove them during the day when it's warm. 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Red Hot Buffet Leeds

I was recently picked to become a Red Hot Buffet Taste Maker. I popped over a few days ago to have my first review with the husband, who definitely enjoyed it! I really struggled carrying a plate and eating as I had both my wrists strapped up, woe is me.

At the moment, Red Hot Buffet have a spectacular summer offer on where kids under 16 eat for half price all summer. You can check out the offer here

Red Hot Buffet is one of my favourite buffet restaurants, not only do they do amazing food from around the world, the cocktails are simply divine. I like the combination of all different types of Asian food, along with Mediterranean and Mexican! Although I am definitely partial to the roast dinners they have too. And the cakes, sorry lets not forget about the cakes and ice cream...

And yes, I did have a delve into the chocolate fountain.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Beauty Box

After seeing Helen's post on what she would have in her beauty box, I thought I would devise my own!  I absolutely love this idea as these would be my go to items I would love to try samples of before committing to paying the full prices for. I think lately I've become a lot more thrifty and want to try more samples before buy a full price high end item. 

So what should I put inside?
Well I thought I would go for different beauty items I have a lot of interest in at the moment.

Firstly I need a 'beauty box' to hold my items in.
I thought this carry case tin from Paperchase would be ideal. 

The price of these items comes to £102.83!

This alone has beaten my yearly budget of £100 so I doubt I'll be buying any of these items any time soon, but would really like to try them out nonetheless. 

What do you think of my beauty box?
Would you be inspired to try create your own? 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Satchels and Pearls Shop - NOW OPEN & GIVEAWAY

You may have seen on Twitter I mentioned I was opening my new shop again. For the past few years I haven't made jewellery but I have more time on my hands now so have decided to open my Etsy shop again under my new alias. I will be taking custom orders also. 

Enter below for my Rafflecopter giveaway of an item of your choice from my Etsy store. This giveaway is open internationally!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 15 August 2013

'It's A Boy!' & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Help!

So yesterday the husband and I found out our little of bundle of joy is a boy! I knew that all along, but anyway, he is doing very very well and all is good with him! 

Apart from the fact that last night I started with pregnancy-related carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my wrists. Which apparently is very common from 20 weeks onward... Just arrived as I hit 20 weeks! I must be a walking textbook of pregnancy related problems. Just a shame that now I'll find it awfully difficult to type, and actually do normal day to day things as my thumbs and fingers are shot. Cue husband trying to help me brush my teeth this morning... Anyway, if anyone can help me with tips etc on how to relieve the pain, and trust me, I'm in agony, they would be really welcomed. At the moment I'm taking codeine, wearing wrist splints on both wrists and trying a pack of frozen peas on my arms! 

Tony Moly Pure Aura CC Cream

There have been a tonne of reviews over the jump from BB to CC cream, so I thought I might as well join the bandwagon as usual. It's no surprise that I really like Korean cosmetics, and the best priced and looking beauty product I thought I would try next comes from the Tony Moly range, who I am certainly no stranger to. 

Pure Aura is a luminous CC cream which is a colour correction cream. The idea with this cream is that you can apply it and it will match your skin's tone and eliminate blemishes and dark patches. The CC cream comes in a nice pump action bottle, in 50ml too which is good for travelling. 

When I first applied this CC cream I was slightly concerned as is goes on white but after a minute or two changes colour to a light nude (you can see from the photo above). Now I can't really rave about this product, it was alright/ok/did it's job, but I didn't find gave me as much coverage as some of the BB creams out there. But this is only because I don't wear my BB/CC creams as a primer unlike most. I generally use mine as foundation as the coverage with some is quite thick and matte so I like to leave it there. 

This CC Cream would be best off used as a primer with either a liquid or powder foundation over. It does what it says on the tin though, covers blemishes and leaves you with flawless skin, just I found it didn't leave me with a whole lotta coverage. 

This product retails for around £10-£12. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

What I Don't Like: Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser

I haven't done a 'what I don't like' post before and thought maybe now is the time since I've never been let down by a product I expected to do better. 

I don't often moisturise as I am pretty lazy, and usually my skin is quite good, but I saw this product on offer and it seemed like a great solution to stop me being so lazy!

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

So what does it claim to do? 
You smother it on after your shower and leave for a few moments like conditioner, then wash off for silky smooth skin. 

Only it had the completely opposite effect. After about an hour my skin was dry, itchy and flaky. Quite sure this is not the desired effect that Nivea were aiming for, and neither was I. I must have used it around 10 times before I decided to bin it altogether, in hope that I might have just had an odd skin day or something, or maybe it was pregnancy hormones. But no, on stopping using it my skin went back to normal. No problems whatsoever. 

This will teach me not to bother looking for time saving products, and not to bother saving time in future haha. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Or not as the case may be...

After a lot of deliberation over the past week or so into my skin care regime, even though I was planning on doing the £100/1 year beauty challenge, I decided to get rid of lots of beauty products which I don't use. I did plan on using them up at some point but after trying a zillion things that have made my skin break out and really oily, I've decided to say no, and keep the ones I trust! 

At the moment I'm really in love with the nSpa range after discovering their Hot Cloth Polish last week, and the fact their products are on 2 for £8 at Asda makes everything loads better. I know a few people have ranted and raved that these are dupes for the higher end market of skin care, but I'm not one for spending £30 on a product if I'm not sure it's going to work. I would much rather spend £4 and see how it goes, and be pleasantly surprise at that! I'll be popping down to my local Asda tomorrow to buy a few more of their products. I have my eye on the Deep Cleansing Face Wash, the Replenishing Face Mask and Oil-Free Moisture Gel which I've read reviews saying its similar to the Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel by Clinique, something I can't wait to try out as mine is diminishing quickly. 

This isn't a sponsored post or anything like that, I'm just genuinely pleased with new products I'm trying! 

Keelham Farm Shop

This place is honestly one of my favourite places in the world. Situated at Thornton near Bradford and Keighley, it's possibly one of the most amazing shops to visit. 

Now I know a farm shop isn't that exciting, but to me it is! All the local produce and home made items, not to mention that every time I go they seem to have expanded!

This visit, the supermarket was much larger, and added to the back was a take away! Which did the most delicious need and beer gravy baguette I've ever had.

The farm shop itself has changed, boasting a larger delicatessen counter and more fresh meat produce. I had to buy a pint of freshly squeeze orange juice because the poor shop assistant was stood squeezing it himself! You don't find fresher than that folks. And the cakes are simply to die for.

Around back they have a home and interior section with a little plant store which I've yet to walk around. I was just saying all they needed now was a little petting zoo and a cafe then they would be complete! Only to later on discover that next year they will be opening a second store in Skipton with those exact elements! I can't wait for that.