Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Satisfying Samples? Ren Clean Skincare

After having a hard time trying to find a skincare range suited to my skin type and having a little rant on Twitter, Ren Skincare came to the rescue. They asked me a few questions about my skin type and what I was looking for in a product before sending me these three samples!

I have a really oily t-zone, and at the moment quite a few breakouts (I'm not sure whether this is pregnancy skin or what, but it's annoying!), oh and like most people, suffer with dry skin as well. 

So they sent me the ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask, the Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel and the Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream to try. 
Each of these was a 5ml sample and are worth £6.54* overall. 

So what do I think of all these products?

Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel - I really enjoyed this. It had a really mild scent and felt extremely  cleansing on the skin. I'm not sure why I imagined it would leather up in my hands, but as this is a gel it doesn't. Although on application and massage on my face it did leave my skin feeling like I'd just had an invigorating deep cleanse which I feel I can only get from exfoliators. I'm really happy with this product and would definitely consider purchasing full size.
I'll give this a 4/5.

ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask - The first thing I noticed about this mask was the overpowering fragrance that accompanied it. You could really smell the lavender and thyme and I thought this was a little too much for me (as other reviews recently, I'm not sure whether this is because I'm pregnant and my sense of smell is enhanced). The mask felt really warm on application which I wasn't used to as most of the marks I have used have had a cooling effect. I'm not too sure how I feel about this one really. I was a little upset as well as the mask didn't really tighten much, I know it's not detailed in the process but I really love when masks are tight and you have to crack them! There was just enough in this sample for one application so I'm not sure how well it would work on breakouts. After washing the mask of my face it left it feeling quite soft but a little bit oily as well. Normally I prefer a mask which dries out the skin. 
I'll give this a 2/5. 

And last, and least I suppose...

Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream - I'm not really sure what I was expecting from this cream as I've never used a night cream before. I did think the scent would be a lot stronger than it was, but maybe as it's a night cream the idea is not to be too overpowering. On application, this instantly left my skin feeling really oily and within a few minutes I had to wash this off immediatly as my eyes were stinging a little bit and very swollen, and all I could smell was burning, eep. I wasn't taken too much by this product which is a shame because I liked the idea of more radiant and hydrated skin. 
I'll give this a 0/5...

Overall I thought these products were okay, but I wouldn't be too sure about using them again due to the effects I had from the. I suppose it's a good job the sample sizes were quite small as I wouldn't want to invest my hard earned pounds into something that wasn't happy for my face!

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  1. it's great to read a review that is honest, and I feel I would more than likely feel the same way about these products. I do like a clay mask, and found Ren's good, It would crack and everything! Lol I think I'm going to try origins to my routine. xx