Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The National Media Museum

Last night I was invited to the opening of the newly revamped Media Cafe in the National Media Museum with a few other local bloggers; and to have a guided your around the 100 Years of Indian Cinema and Tom Wood exhibitions. 

We were given 'nibbles' to try out the new menu available, and I must admit, these were the most delicious deli nibbles I've ever tasted! I wasn't expecting to be tasting as much food so we quickly popped to Wetherspoons for a bite beforehand. I wish I hadn't bothered now! 

Everything was presented really well, you can see the tummy pizza and salad we were offered - full plates may I add! - along with wine or juices. To top it off, we had the most luxurious brownies topped with cream and a raspberry, but I dropped mine into my drink! Silly me. 

The Media Cafe has completely changed from the cold school cafeteria look it used to have, and now reminds me of a suave delicatessen. They have a sofa area where you can sit and chill with a coffee and cake now which is really nice; along with the fact it's open until 10pm so you can have a nice bite to eat before your movie!

After the meet and greet and initial introduction/chat session with other bloggers we met Irna Qureshi, the curator of the 100 Years of Indian Cinema exhibition. Irna showed us around the exhibition and explained in detail to us the Bollywood industry along with movie family royalty, relationships, and marriages. I never knew there was so much involved in a Bollywood movie, and I must admit I'm a little embarrassed I haven't seen more Bollywood movies as they are so readily available to us in Bradford. All the posters were brightly coloured and told their own stories.

After the exhibition, we headed of with Emily, the event organiser, to see the Tom Wood photography exhibition. I must admit I'm not familiar with his work, but I don't follow photographers that often anyway. It was a really nice experience being able to see the subject of his image, along with the scene in the background. It was usually what was happening in the background that made the photo! All I can say is, you really need to see this exhibition! It's like seeing your parents' photos of a night out in the 80's!

The night was truly amazing, and I had a fantastic time. It was really nice to be lead around the exhibition and have them explained rather than coming to my own conclusions. Emily gave us one of the museum's tote bags with a few goodies inside! Which I can say I'm sporting around Bradford with me today!

Thank you so much to the press team for inviting us along, I know everyone who attended had a fantastic time!

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