Saturday, 29 June 2013

Saltaire Vintage Fair

The other week (okay, maybe more like two!) I went to Saltaire's vintage fair. Saltaire is one of my favourite places and it's only roughly 10 mins from where I live which is even more of a bonus. Several times a year they have festivals and vintage fairs which suits me just finnnnnneeeeeee. 

So I hopped along, with my ma and pa, to have a look what treats were to be had in Victoria Hall. You do have to pay in, but I think it was something like £2 for concessions, so we all did well.

There were two rooms of vintage goodness, one more or less consisted of home wares, and the other mostly clothing and accessories with a tea room to the back. Mmmm cake. The displays of furniture were simply amazing and I pretty much wanted to buy everything I could find in sight. My dad, as fabulous as he is, did me the duty of finding me a gorgeous teal satchel. I did also buy two tea cups and saucers as they were pretty lonely at £1.50 each, and outside the event there was a small charity shop/cafe which had a massive World Architecture book for £10 which I snapped up for the husband. 

And to top of the main event, Interlude Tea Rooms from Shipley attended with all their cake glory. I had a gluten free chocolate torte whilst ma indulged herself with the mocha cake, pa had a piece of lemon meringue but I forgot to photograph it before he ate it. Bad blogger. We did end up leaving with a lot more cake for later, being pregnant and all and eating for two...

My favourite part of the day was certainly testing all the cake! 


  1. This looks such a good day out hun, I'll have to a look out for when the next one is.

  2. It looks amazing, annoyingly I live a little too far to hear about these things. However I did go Salts Mill last week and fell in love with a number of things in the antique store, and the home store x

  3. This is what I would consider a perfect day out! Antiques and cake? Yes please! xx