Friday, 3 May 2013

Why Is Yorkshire So Popular With British Holiday Makers?

A few months ago after attending the #FABBbloggersLeeds meet I was thinking to myself 'why don't we often experience tourism in our towns or region?'. This really inspired me to have a look at what is going on around me, where I could visit and experience new things, and so was the inspiration of this post. 

Nowadays as the price of holidays are going up, more people aim for 'staycations', and have a tour around the UK experiencing different regions and doing more local things. I never actually realised there was so much to do in Yorkshire! I come from West Yorkshire, where the home of the Bronte sisters is literally on my doorstop, but I still don't take full advantage of what is around me. 

I thought I would start this post with one central point, and travel from that central point around Yorkshire, and let everyone know what makes Yorkshire so popular for British holiday makers! 

Lets start with Wentbridge House. A luxurious country hotel in the centre of Yorkshire. The hotel is based up near Pontefract which gives a great beginning point to travel from as there are so many places within a good hour's driving distance. I remember when I was young my parents used to take us on British holiday and always plan day trips within an hour's drive. It means you can explore so much within the vicinity which you wouldn't normally get to see! Wentbridge House is very idilic and, I think, represents much of Yorkshire with it's open green lawned country grounds and wide local dales. The hotel is very near to the local train station as well which opens up even more opportunities. 

Photo sourced from Wentbridge House website gallery. 

So what can we offer you in Yorkshire? 
Well, what do you feel like doing today?

Well we have shopping, Leeds City Centre is within an hour's drive and is definitely popular with British holiday makers. Especially now we are home to Trinity Leeds, one of the largest shopping centres in the north! This is definitely one of the highest selling points within the city nowadays. Leeds is home to Victoria Quarter, known for it's decadent architecture and design and it's high end boutiques; it will quench the thirst of any shopper. 

Yorkshire is extremely famous for it's history. Especially English literature, Haworth, which is just actually 1 hour and 1 minute away driving time, is very popular for locals and holiday makers alike, not just from Britain either! Haworth is literally on my doorstep and is one of the most gorgeous areas of the Yorkshire dales you could imagine. With home to the Bronte Parsonage museum, which is where the famous Bronte sisters used to live when they were young, is a great view for anyone who has an interest in English literature. I must admit though, having lived here all my life, I have never set foot in the museum. This is something that must change! 

Haworth alone is a stunning village, albeit on a very steep hill, but offers various vintage attractions too. From several antique shops, an old-world bookstore, vintage clothing and accessory stalls, to old-fashioned sweet shops! AND an old steam train from our local Keighley & Worth Valley Railway for all you train enthusiasts out there! There is a lot you can do in a day here. 

Then we have York. Ah what can I say about York?! Yet again, somewhere extremely local to me with a lot of history which I have not visited! 
Afternoon tea rooms, walks, hidden treasures... What more could you actually ask for on a holiday?
There are many local stately homes and large gardens to have a walk around during the day, and if you feel up to it, why not have a ghost walk or visit the dungeons at night!? If you are brave enough that is. Yet again, there are so many shops you can go to, from independent boutiques, hand made goods, to high street stores. The list is endless. 
And who doesn't want to close the afternoon with a gorgeous afternoon tea from the world renowned Betty's Tea Room? I for one could not pass this opportunity up. 
Researching for this post has a) made me extremely hungry and b) eager for me to book a train journey to York as soon as possible!

There are plenty of other things to do in Yorkshire, such as the seaside and local theme parks. But as they weren't within my hour's drive I thought I would leave them for you to investigate, and organise your own little Yorkshire trip! 

So what do you think? 
Would you like a trip to Yorkshire for your next holiday?
I think I may have just tempted some of you out there... 
Yorkshire is a popular place to visit!

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  1. I was reading this thinking 'I can't believe she's never been to the Bronte Parsonage Museum' - then got to the bit about how you've never been to York?! Sacrilege!

    1. I'm one of those fake Yorkshire people haha. It was one of those places no one ever wanted to pay to get into because we are local and we don't do that haha. And York, I know, I properly suck at being a Yorkshire lass.
      But the one good thing from this is that I actually want to visit these places now! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! You had me at Brontë sisters! Wuthering Heights is my absolute favourite book ever! I will definitely be coming to Yorkshire when I finally make it to the UK! Xx

  3. Yorkshire is great isn't it!
    The Bronte birth place is literally seconds away from the house I grew up in - I love this county!

  4. Kieron, it's not a competition on who lives closer ;-) x

  5. So proud to be from Yorkshire <3 I know I'll keep coming back forever, even if I do move down South one day xo

  6. I'm another who hasn't set foot in the Bronte personage museum! I only live about 30 minutes away and have visited Howarth many, many times. I might have to make it my mission to visit this year! x