Monday, 6 May 2013

Satisfying Samples? The Mini-Facial Edition.

I fancied using up some of my recent Korean freebies (received with other purchases, or given to me by family, this is not a sponsored post) so thought it would be nice to have a mini-facial evening as my skin has not been looking it's best in a while.

I really like EtudeHouse's beauty collection so thought it best to have a full deep cleanse with their BB Baking Powder cleansing foam. This really does foam up and takes a lot of washing to get off but works wonders and leaves your skin feeling incredibly clean.

Secondly, I used another EtudeHouse product which I received recently. I've used these before but I'm not taken aback by them. A simple Black Charcoal Chin Pack which aims to reduce sebum build up on your chin. I think it's similar to a blackhead unblocker for your nose but I don't really find they work. They just end up black and sticky on your chin and take a lot of scrubbing off! Not one I would purchase!

Thirdly, I used my wonder product (separate review to come so I won't say much!) which is a fantastic exfoliator and works really quickly leaving the skin very smooth with a new lease of life. This product is not a sample and is a full sized and purchased with my own money. Le sigh, it wasn't cheap either.

The forth item I applied was a simple full face paper mask. Now I can't get enough of these, as you may have seen in my recent Chinese haul post, but they are fantastic and work wonders. This Vanedo face mask is moisturising and works wonders. Just pop it on and get on with your evening!

Then I applied Crystal Eyelid Patches just to reduce the puffiness under my eyes lately (lack of sleep).  These are quite refreshing and recently I've received several samples from goody bags or monthly subscription beauty boxes. 

I'm sorry this keeps going... I don't normally use so many products! 

Last of all I slicked on some of EtudeHouse's Wonder Pore Freshner just to have a final cleanse and refresh of my pores before closing them up again. This really makes your face refreshed and very cleansed without being overpowering of leaving a stinging sensation.

All finished off with my usual moisturiser and voila, a nice mini-facial with more samples used!

How do you use your samples? Do you have too many lying around your house like me?
If you are interested in any of these products, full sizes or samples can be bought easily on eBay or my favourite website, Cosmetic Love


  1. I need to start using up my samples :) I've been thinking of getting wonder pore- would you say its worth a purchase? :)

    1. The Wonder Pore stuff is absolutely amazing! I've trialled pretty much all of the products now (without review ages before I started blogging) and would recommend them all :)