Thursday, 2 May 2013

OOTD: The Shanghai edition.

I took around 9 dresses with me to China for the three weeks I was there, and to be honest I shouldn't have really bothered as I felt more comfortable in jeans, Converse and a t-shirt! Most of the time I made an effort and got blown away, or just looked to overdressed for a family event. Even the wedding celebrations we had over there I was FAR too overdressed for as everyone turned up in casual leggings and tops. Oh well. I've learnt my lesson, again!

However, when I did make an effort, here is what I looked like:

Welcome to the Shanghai edition of 'outfits I wore' - yes I do sound like a gameshow host. Lets be honest, this is just a chance to show a few of my photos haha.

Just chilling in the old area of Shanghai!
I wore: 
Primark burgundy and PU lace collared dress, with black leggings, burgundy H&M ballet pumps, and my trusty New Look black blazer. Finished off with my Mulberry satchel. 

During one of the days in Shanghai we visited Pudong, which was amazing and featured in the newest James Bond movie: Skyfall. Not that I've seen it yet actually. The top two photos were taken in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower which was amazing! I never thought I would manage to walk on the see through flooring but hey, I surprised even myself. 

Today I wore:
Primark floral print shirt dress, H&M monochrome ballet pumps (which got wrecked and binned, sad times) my trusty New Look blazer haha, black leggings and my Mulberry satchel. 


  1. pretty dresses are never a bad thing and I think you look lovely in these :)

  2. I love that floral dress! I am so bad at picking out outfits! I'm alwys either underdressed or overdressed for everything :( xx