Wednesday, 8 May 2013

#BEDM | My First Job | Day 8

My first job was an office junior for a small legal firm. Which I hated, with an absolute passion. I had to get a job after being severely ill and quitting college as it was too late in the year for me to apply for another course.

I always remember being bossed around and treat like a child when actually I was quite mature for my age (17, but I had my own house and was extremely independent). I used to be left on reception on my own for hours, and became a glorified typist on a ridiculous salary where I worked around 45 hours a week and came home with about £400 a month. I was always picked on my the boss and her daughter, thinking they were something special when in fact they weren't that interesting or good at their jobs!

However, I should say that because of this job, I did move on to bigger and brighter things as a legal secretary working in Leeds, which I must admit I loved for several years before being make redundant! But hey, everything happens for a reason, and all this counts for where I am today, so all I could think of saying to them now would be 'stick it where the sun doesn't shine you fat old tramp'. :')

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