Sunday, 5 May 2013

#BEDM | Fit And Healthy | Day 5

Today's post on the challenge 'Blog Every Day In May' is all about being fit and healthy. Which I would like to point out, is something I definitely am not. I'm fat, obese, overweight, whatever you might like to call it, I suppose, quite considerably according to my BMI.

I won't lie, I generally have no motivation to lose weight or keep fit. Until now that is... Now that I'm having a baby. I'm still quite early on which I guess means I have a lot more time to get into the healthier eating habits and trying to get more exercise. So, my pledges for the next few months are:

1. Not to try too hard to lose weight, as I don't think this is the best thing to do right now.
2. Eat healthier and introduce more fruit and vegetables into my diet, and generally just have a look over what I eat and try cut the fatty foods out of my diet.
3. I will try to cut down on cake, but lets be honest, that's the one thing in my life I can't get enough of.
4. Do a little more exercise, this definitely does not mean I'm joining the gym or anything silly like that, but take more walks in the evening and try increase my exercise regime, perhaps introduce a little yoga into my lifestyle or something.

So those are the four things I think I should be able to stick to. My unhealthy lifestyle needs to stop as soon as possible really!


  1. I think trying to lose weight specifically isn't really the ideal way to go about it in most cases at any time. At least for me, I know it isn't particularly motivating because I sometimes fall off the wagon and end up feeling guilty. :(

    I wish you the best of luck on your quest for eating and living more heathily! ♥ I definitely need to cut out the weekly Chinese. :x

  2. I really like you goals - manageable but will definitely make you feel good! (Plus, I share your love for cake...) Happy May! x

  3. Good luck!!morning sickness throughout the day for months meant that on the plus side,I've generally been off my food,however on the minus side,at the beginning all I could stomach was stodge!Hopefully you're not like me!Just having a healthy lifestyle will help u improve ur health for birth xx

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