Saturday, 11 May 2013

#BEDM | Book Love | Day 11

Well here we go with day 11 of the 'Blog Every Day In May' challenge, and I can safely say I've definitely kept up to this one!

Today the title was 'book love'. Although I didn't struggle with this title, I must admit I'm not a big reader as I used to be. I do still read occasionally but recently I've had a lot of University work to keep up with and it seems that all I can manage to read are academic texts which is a shame!

I wanted to let you all in on my favourite books. Matthew Reilly is my favourite author, possibly ever. And I couldn't rave about his books any more! Everyone I speak to gets a recommendation of his books. His style is almost archaeology meets military, so I guess SAS meets Indiana Jones! There is never a dull moment in his novels, he does countdowns which I think are amazing and are always cliffhangers. Every time he has a new release I will literally buy it on the day and not stop reading until the following day or until the book is read. His stuff is unmissable and you cannot put it down. 

My favourite series of his novels would have to be the Jack West Jr. series. 

Give them a go, you might be pleasantly surprised if it's a change from your normal reading genre.

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