Monday, 6 May 2013

#BEDM | Bank Holiday Fun | Day 6

I'm really excited that this week I'll only have a three day week, well potentially a two day week as I really need to have Thursday off work for a scan, so effectively I've had a four day weekend as I don't work Fridays either! 

That has been great! However, on a not so great note I haven't been in the best of health. I've started with 'baby nausea' which pretty much happens whenever it fancies and makes me feel like my feet don't belong to me. I can't explain it any other way but it's pretty terrifying when I'm out and about on my own!

On Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing Yuna (as usual!), Kel, Kieron (for only a few minutes), and meeting Arash for the first time, which was an absolute pleasure! We popped over to Mrs Atha's in Leeds for tea and cake. WHICH WAS AMAZING. Everyone knows how much I love tea and cake but this definitely is the winner. I had a gorgeous cherry coke along with a piece of banana and chocolate loaf. We also tested their Jasmine tea which I think I'll be having more of in the future. I headed over to the University library after that to pick up a few books for my end of module assignment research and after feeling pretty yucky, headed home. 
Sunday, well Sunday got a little better. I headed off with the family for lunch in Saltaire and we had a little drive around after that. I suggested we head off to a garden centre as it seems the traditional bank holiday thing to do. And it worked out perfectly! My dad bought a swing seat for the garden which cheered me up a lot, and I bought some pretty bright daisy seeds. On the way home we took a hefty detour to look at a few new houses which were being built, and checking out the centre where I'm due to have my midwife appointments, in the least desirable area of my town. Yay for me. On the way home... I saw... ALPACAS. I won't lie, this was amazing. I never knew I lived so close to an Alpaca farm. 

Today. Lets not really go into that much. It's been a day of sleeping and research for my last assignment. I hoped I might feel a bit better but I'm back at work tomorrow so thought I might just chill for the day. 

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  1. alpacas are so great for brightening your day up!

    Emily Jane xo