Monday, 22 April 2013

The weekend haul edition!

It's been a good few weeks since I've had a weekend at home, and FOUR weeks since I managed to see Yuna. We headed off for our romantic meet up in Leeds for a good shop and a nice lunch. Neither disappointed! The sun was shining, it was lovely and warm and we managed to pop around Leeds Trinity, even though it was still packed solid and difficult to walk around. 

I headed off to Leeds looking a little, odd, if I do say so myself. I teamed my new neon green satchel with a pair of hi-top Converse and a cross print skater skirt from New Look, along with a neon green and pink necklace from Primark. I'm not too sure how I looked to the masses but it was definitely comfortable!

I met up with Yuna in the train station and gave her all the cute goodies I picked up for her in China. Needless to say I think she was pretty impressed with the hoard of cute bunny items and I think I did pretty well! We headed of into Leeds Trinity, and it was pretty packed. It was lunch time and we weren't too sure what the food scene was so we headed off upstairs. I think it became a toss up between Wagamama and Yo! Sushi so we headed to Wagamama as I really missed soup and noodles! 

After having a disappointing service, Yuna receiving her lunch about 15 mins before mine came, we were pretty over the moon with the food. Everything was so yummy and was really well priced. As a Wagamama virgin I was definitely happy!

After a delicious lunch we headed off to our usual shops: Primark, Boots, New Look and Candy Hero (obviously for the Arizona Tea!). Leeds was just really packed and we were pretty tired after around 5 hours of shopping. Needless to say I dragged Yuna into both New Look stores and then back again for fear I had missed something the first time around, nothing like being an addict I know. 

In Primark I had 'shoppers block'. Now I'm not sure whether this stemmed from not being able to buy much in China, or that I was just so indecisive I put everything back that I picked up. I didn't even buy a shirt, which is pretty bad for me as recently I've become addicted to them. Having gone upstairs and had a wonder around I picked up some Hello Kitty pyjamas and thought 'well I need to buy something!' - regardless of the supposed 'spanning ban' I'm currently on... Anyway, I put them back and decided to have a pop downstairs again as there was a dress I'd been lusting over for quite some time. So I picked up a dress and popped up for a pair of shoes, bought some cute panda slippers and that was me done! 

After more buys, socks, collars and a dress from New Look along with cosmetics from Boots I think we were done and due for a break. As we were casually strolling along in Leeds Trinity we came across a crepe food store, and I couldn't have been happier, although yet again the service was shocking and mine came again, 15 minutes later than Yuna's! 

After the whole shopping and eating experience we were pretty blinking exhausted and romantically left each other at the train station. I was obviously running after her training blowing kissing signs at her and waving... At least that's what I wished I had of done *sigh*. 

When I got home, I felt a bit fed up and headed into ASDA where I managed to pick up even more bargains in their half price sale! I had been eyeing up a few items for a while and was pleased to see they had them in my size and for £9! Perfect. I definitely know I have an outfit for the Sheffield Meet Up in May!

I didn't realise I had bought so much this weekend!

Must knuckle down and so some Uni work this week, I have an assignment due in and my end of module assessment (essay question) due in at the end of May, when both the Sheffield Meet Up and Bradford Meet Up are taking place, and when I jet off to Munich to see the husband! YIKES. So much on my plate... I never do things by halves...

Oh and I can't forget the AMAZING birthday sale that Zatchels had this weekend, I felt only obliged to buy myself a satchel, so picked up this stunning one! It will go with simply everything I own so I'm really happy. I also got it personalised with my new married name! 


  1. I love your neon green satchel, oh and the one you chose in the Zatchels sale is gorgeous too! I was very tempted. xxx

  2. You are the shopping QUEEN!! Those wagamama pics are making me hungry, too... xx

  3. Came across your blog after you followed on Twitter.

    The neony green bag is awesome! Good to see you had a great time in Trinity, it's always bad when you end up receiving your meal way before the other people you're eating with. But to have it happen twice in one day is shocking! At least you got to pop your Wagamama cherry!

    Did you ever get the chance to visit Tampopo in Leeds? It was very similar to Wagamama but not just focused on Japanese food.

  4. WOW! What a haul! Lately I have had zero money to spare on clothes and what not. I'm so thankful to you guys for letting me live vicariously through your blogs and dream of pretty dresses! xx

  5. Great shopping! :) I've never been to wagamama's either! :)